Shop & Ship?? What's that?

  1. I have a buyer with *ZERO* feedback, whom messaged me asking if I would ship to their " SHOP & SHIP" company in NY. This buyer is located in Kuwait and says that that company forwards mail for them.

    What is this? Should I have nothing to worry about?
  2. I'm not very expert to eBay, but this sounds sooo fishy to me.
    Did he already won and pay the item?
  3. thats the kind of company that helps peeps from other countries/continents buy stuff in US from companies/persons who dont ship outside US. This way teh seller gets an US address to ship to and the foreign buyer still receives the item.
  4. Tell them that you will be happy to ship to the address on their PAYPAL ACCOUNT. If that's the "shop & ship" then fine. You're protected. If not, sorry, no go.

    Shop & Ship is a service that basically gives people in certain countries the ability to buy things online from companies/vendors who normally would not sell to buyers outside the US. For instance, if a website doesn't ship to Kuwait (and it makes perfect sense to me why companies might not!), the buyer can get what basically amounts to a PO box in an American location and have the item shipped there. Then the company running the "shop & ship" sends the item on to the ultimate buyer in Kuwait, of course charging a fee to the buyer for their services.
  5. ^^ interesting! Thanks for explaining
  6. No problem. It's a really neat business idea, actually; I just wish I had thought of it first! LOL
  7. I had a buyer in Japan buy a bag from me that way. The "shop&ship" company actually purchased the item on his behalf. It was kind of neat.
  8. i know this is a bit old but thought would mention

    i have a shop and ship account. what it is is an ARAMEX courier account ( all ship and ship accounts are in the Middle East)

    Anyway its a PHYSICAL address in the US and in UK and what happens is you send it to the shop and ship account ( which would be a box in the Aramex headquarters) then on a weekly basis they would ship it out to me whatevers in my account, this is good for eluxury Neiman Marcus etc etc anyone who doesnt ship outside theUS
  9. There is also a major scam going on with outfits like this. The item is paid for with an out of the country credit card and a few weeks later they are filing chargebacks and you lose your money and the item. Be careful.