Shop Rumor Selling Gerard Darel Midday Midnight & Ibiza!! OMG!!

  1. omg i love the midday midnight in green & purple! too bad i dont have an extra $875 lying around!
  2. OMG! They are gorgeous! I love the green and purple...
    Don't they know they are killing me???!!!
  3. WOW those are extremely beautiful ...but soo out of my league.
  4. Wow, she really has marked up those prices!! I can order from the UK cheaper than from her, even with shipping, and you know she is getting a wholesale or some other type of discount and not paying retail.
  5. I saw that, but I will not do that to myself!
  6. NOR WILL I!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. :yes: I'm going to PM you later! Don't mean to cause any suspense, but I have to see how something pans out first!
  8. Does the "red" look orange to anyone else, or is it just my monitor? Because I totally love it if it's orange.
  9. I want one . . . glad I saw the warnings about shopping here. Plus, I don't want to order a bag that she doesn't have in hand. Is that odd? I saw the 4-6 weeks delivery and was turning off.

    Anyone know how to order one of these? I'd like to.
  10. I think the reason for the delay is that no one has these bags in stock yet, not even Gd in Paris. I think they give them to celebrities first to create the hype and then stock the stores later.

    Unless someone other than Rumor gets them in the US, I am ordering through the London DG boutique. The shipping is 50 pounds, but the bags are selling for $100-$150 less than what Rumor has them posted at based on the email from Claire at GD. Moreover, if you have your own Fedex or UPS account, you can get the shipping even cheaper.

  11. Unless I'm mistaken, Anooshka is honoring the code 'toutie' for 25% off toward the purchase of these bags. At least, she was back in October when I ordered mine and I didn't see any restrictions on that code when checking it today. Still, given my experience with her, that doesn't tempt me to order a bag from Rumor. Hopefully, with all the complaints about her being made to Gerard Darel, she will get her act together.

  12. went far beyond the 4-6 weeks ...believe me. I want one of these bags so badly that I can almost taste it! HEHE! Still, I don't want to pre-order one unless it's directly from the GD boutique...or possibly from Mischelle at Blondette if she is able to sell them.
  13. 25% off... urgh.. you are killing me.... BUT I can't deal with her again. It took nearly 4 weeks for my bag that never shipped to be refunded back to my account and too many calls/emails, etc. You place the order now and who knows if you will ever get the bag.

    More importantly, how do you know you are getting a good quality GD and not some lesser version like the 24 hr fiasco.

    So I will be good and resist for now.
  14. Any update from Mischelle on how the discussions are going?