Shop Rumor Has Gerard Darel-Utah Python & Barcelona 24 Hour!!

  1. Pricey. I saw these in France last year, and they were less than 1,000 euros.
  2. OOOOHHHHH. Gorgeous!
  3. I love how python looks, but after reading a thread here on how pythons are tortured and left to die without their skins I wouldnt feel right about buying anything in real python.
  4. ^^Eek, really? That's awful.

    I do love GD bags though - they need to get MORE models!
  5. Refresh the page...she's added more since I posted this.
  6. I'm so weary of buying GD online. Didn't some people post that they purchased "lower end" and lower quality GD bags at one point?? I saw a few GD bags at a store and I was not impressed at the quality of the leather and wondered if they were the lower end GD bags I had heard about.

  7. JudieH..I was one of the two PF members who purchased what was later termed the 'down-market' GD bag. I believe there was one other person who luckily was able to cancel the order before it shipped out! They have a no refund/return policy on sale items, however Anooshka did let me return mine for a store credit. Having previously purchased (in Jan 07) two of the 48 hour GD bags from NM, I was overwhelmed when I received my bag!! OMG...seriously, it looked like a Target or Walmart bag IMO. I really was quite furious considering the price of it. Speaking with Anooshka again in late October, she assured me that the one that I now have on order is of the higher quality. It should be since the retail price was a lot higher. Using the code 'toutie' I was able to get 30% off the $750 retail price, so I paid $525. I just emailed her to check the status..getting a bit nervous here. Shame on GD for making such a low quality bag. This newly ordered one had better not be like the first one. I have been speaking with Mischelle with Blondette who said that she had heard about the down-market bags being imported to the US, therefore giving her a reason not to sell them. Hmmmm...I was just wondering if Anooshka is going to let customers use the 'toutie' code for 30% off the Python bags! Wow...what a discount!!
  8. bagachondriac, I thought that was you but I wasn't sure! So, wait, what bag do you have on order? I have been itching to purchase a GD 24 hour in black. Like I said, I saw them at a store and I was not impresssed at all. In fact, I was really disappointed in the leather. I forgot the price- about $625 or something along those lines, so I wasn't sure if this was a lower end GD or what.

    I would like to purchase one but it would have to be at a store that allowed returns.

    Didn't I read that Delcina would be carrying GD bags as well soon???
  9. Does shoprumor still honor that 30% code? And do they allow returns if you use the code?

    I'm still afraid!:wtf: The bag that I would get is this one:

    But the leather looks just like the one I saw in a store. Of course it's hard to tell just from that picture. But I imagined GDs to have really soft, luscious leather. The pictures on shoprumor do not give me that impression.
  10. The bag on order is the Havana 'Working Girl'. [​IMG]

    The lower quality one was a Saint Germain 24 hour which retailed at Rumor for $595.
    Blondette is carrying Gadino for certain and possibly Marco Tagliaferri. She wanted to sell GD, but after hearing about the quality (of lack therof) she decided not to. She is one e-tailer that I would trust!!
  11. Thanks bagachondriac! That bag is gorgeous! I'd be interested in hearing your review upon receiving it.

    It's such a shame that at this time we have been unable to find a place that sells the higher end GD. I know a poster who purchased a GD bag at bagshop and she loves the bag. They are sold out of black but are supposedly getting more in January. However, another pfer had a negative experience with bagshop.....:cursing:
  12. Shoprumor has the bag (Pocket Satchel) for $595 and bagshop has the same bag for $425. I'm sorry, but based on these pictures, the leather does not look that great. Maybe my expectations are too high?? :confused1:
  13. Gregorys Shoes has 30% to 40% off on many items, but you have to call the store to get pricing. As I recall, he carries 2 styles of GD. If you're interested in those styles why not call to see if they are included in the sale. - Fall Sale-30% To 40% Off
  14. JudieH....after learning that Rumor had added the new GD bags, I quickly emailed Mischelle at Blondette to let her know. She just responded telling me that she is going to contact the NY rep for Gerard Darel to see what she can find out. It would be great if she would carry them.