SHOP RAPUNZELS - Any discount codes?

  1. I just found the website and wondered if anyone knew of any discount codes or promotions for this site? There's a Botkier bag that I haven't seen anywhere else yet (saw it on the Botkier site first, but no d/cs there!) and I'd really like to buy it. TIA.
  2. the shefinds one is expired i believe...

    here is my list of codes for rapunzel's:
    15% off - grechen
    15% off - toutie
    15% off - BUSSBUSS
    15% off - STYLEBAKERY

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    bump... anyone?
  4. Thanks for the codes. I have been thinking about ordering a charm from here.
  5. The code Grechen should still work for 15% off and after you order, if you're a first time customer, you'll get another postcard in the box with another 15% off code.