Shop rapunzels 25% off

  1. 250ACHB0385.jpg
  2. Oh no, like this one too! I think I am in big trouble. :worried:
  3. They do have nice stuff
  4. yay! i just ordered a botkier bianca large satchel!!!

    fyi, the code doesn't have a T -


    if you put it in w/ the t in gretchen, it makes you put in all your shipping and billing info again! ack!
  5. That is a really cute bag, what a deal!

    :::AmandaIjustorderedonetoo::: :shame:
  6. OK, I just cancelled it. I didn't know handbags were a final sale.

    Too risky for it being sight unseen. :oh:
  7. yeah, you can still get one at for 20% off and free shipping, but i've seen the bag and held it before so i know i want it and and decided to go with the extra money off over a return policy :smile:

  8. Thanks i didnt even realize i put the T
  9. Oh definetly! That really was a good deal!

    I can't wait to see your pics when you get it. :biggrin:
  10. i'll definately post pics since i haven't heard of anyone else on the board getting it yet!
  11. no selling outside of the marketplace! - Amanda