Shop Olivine - Cute Ashley Watson Bags, Wallets & Agenda Books On Sale Half Price

  1. didn't work, do you have another link? TIA!
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    ^^ Wow...that's a strange one!! :confused1::confused1: I always check the links before posting to make sure they work and this one did on the day it was posted. Sadly, because I get HUNDREDS of newsletters daily, I have to empty my deleted folder every few days so I can't refer back to it. And for me to have made reference to the Ashley Watson bags, etc., I would had to have looked over the site. I'm sorry, but I can't imagine why it's not coming up now.

    Okay....I see why we can't access it now. This post is a year old...Jan 31st, 2008!! I just googled the store and saw where it closed in September 2008. For the life of me, I couldn't figure it out until I happened to notice the complete date when this sale was posted...then it all made sense. Whew...thought I was going nuts there for a while!
  3. lol someone bump this a year later
  4. BHAHAHA...sorry that was me!! I didn't look at the date at all! That's how goo-goo eyed I am when it comes to looking for a certain bag!