Shop magazine

  1. This issue has tons of nice bags in it. I will try to upload some pics if I can. Anyone subscribe to them?
  2. Shop Etc? Are they still in publication? I'm having my doubts since you can't even subscribe on their home page.
  3. Iono. It just said Shop but maybe you're right. I was flipping thru it in the dealership lobby while I was getting my oil changed.
  4. Nope. they are out of business. The Nov issue is the last one. Sniff.
  5. Yeah, I read a thread where a gal mentioned they were going out of business too. That they weren't selling enough.....I LOVE THAT MAGAZINE!!!
  6. I figured that was why I was geting Redbook in the mail. Yuck.
  7. You're right yuck! I get Lucky. Anyway they had some awesome bags! Here's a pic outta another mag for you ladies.
  8. [​IMG]
  9. aww i love their magazine too! something besides TPF too further my shopping addiction :shame:
  10. I like Kate and Keira's bags.
  11. Out of business!?!? That figures I had a subscription to it too! I hate Redbook. I knew I should have gone for the Vogue subscription again.
  12. Oh, darn. I liked this magazine.
  13. kind of sucks that they are going out of business. I have a subscription to Shop magazine until 2009. I DO NOT want a subscription to Redbook until 2009!!
  14. That is awful that they are going out of business. I just sent them my check for a year's subscription in the past 4 weeks. Haven't heard anything back - doubt they will just return my check. I will have to check to see if they cashed my check, that sucks if they did (knowing they were going out of business). Peggy
  15. Alexenjie, they should refund your subscription $$$. Give them a call, ask if they got your check. If so, they can issue a refund. Otherwise they'll send you another magazine. It took a while, but I got one.