Shop Jinny - Up To 75% Off


    Winter got you in a slump?
    Didn't quite get what you wanted for Xmas?

    Celebrate the New Year and get what your heart desires with our fall/winter sale starting
    Friday, January 18! Up to 50% off fall/winter merchandise to keep you cozy now.
    Last spring's stock now marked down to 75% off to gear up for sunny days to come.

    Get in while the gettin's good. Shop early for best selection.

    Doors open at 11am on Friday.

    As always, phone orders welcome. 614.291.3600.

    Can't make it into the shop? Shop the sale online at
  2. Thank you so much for the info! This is a very chic store.
    I just got three 3.1 Philip Lim dresses for an incredible price! I could hardly find the brand on sale and have my size else where.
    btw, I find a code 'janship' to get free shipping!
  3. Thanks for the sale info. and thanks for the free shipping code! I use them both for my new Mike & Chris Hoodie. :>
  4. Thanks for the code! One of my favorite boutiques. I just got this Sass & Bide dress for 75% off! :nuts:
    Sass & Bide Stripes V-neck Dress $583.gif
  5. I placed my order 4 days ago and still no shipping info. emailed to me. What's going on?Anyone has same problem?:push:
  6. I placed my order on 15th and got a comfirmation on the same day. Nothing since then...
  7. I called Jinny and they said the order has already been shipped out. They just forgot to email me about the shipping info.