Shop Intution 20% off

  1. "Enter HOLLYWOODLOOK upon check out for 20% off."

  2. Sweet! Thanks!!!!!
  3. I just have to say that Intuition has the worst costumer service and it takes FOREVER to get stuff. I've ordered several times from then only to end up canceling because it took so long for them to reply to an order.
  4. I have to agree bagsforme, I ordered from them once (4 items) I got one, and am still waiting for the other 3 and that was in mid september. I'm not counting on the other 3 things, I will never order from them again.:cursing:
  5. good to know there service is soo bad! I was about to see if there was anything i could use this code on, but forget that! i dont want to wait around for a month to get it!
  6. i do all my shopping at the fashion plate
    fast delivery always coupons get online store to deal with
  7. their CC is horrible
  8. I agree! I just canx my 2nd order from them because out of 5 things, 4 were backordered, its been a couple months and they do not know when it is in stock. Plus, I had used a code a couple months ago, they have the WORST customer service. I am still waiting for them to refund my card the 20% still! beware!!