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  2. watch out, they have really slow shipping, it took 1 month for me to get my primp thermal.
  3. me too!!! im waiting on something i ordered 3 1/2 weeks ago! :cursing:
  4. Shop Intuition is the WORST. I've placed 3 orders with them only to have all 3 orders CANCELLED. I will never stop there again. :banned:
  5. yeah i shouldve mentioned that half of my order wasnt even in stock but did they call to tell me? nooooooooo i found out when i called to see where the hell my order was:rant:
  6. Same here. I ordered from them twice before and got tired of waiting for it to arrive so I canceled the orders.

    This week I got an email about an order I placed about 2-3 weeks ago for a Botiker bag. It was canceled because they didn't have anymore. Well if they would have shipped it out when it was on their website it wouldn't have been sold out 3 weeks later.:cursing:

    I wonder if they were just saying that because they didn't want to fulfill the 20% off coupon code I had.
  7. i like the way you think:idea:....youre prob right!
  8. i'm with you all...HATE that site. shipping's incredibly expensive, they take FOREVER to ship, and their customer service is completely horrible. i had an item that was made incorrectly by the manufacturer (a shoe with one strap longer than the other), and they made it a complete nightmare to return.

    plus, their "20% off" coupons are very selectively applied....and all of the exclusions are never listed on the site.

  9. Have you ever been to their store? Its a hole in the wall. I don't understand why celebs go there.
  10. yeah it took me 3 months to get some thermal leggings too.
  11. Yup, they do take their sweet time to ship items. I sent them an e-mail regarding my order and they never responded. Then weeks later, my item arrives!