high end consign online..anyone use it?

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  1. (sorry mods, if this isnt the correct place to post this, I'm not sure where it goes)

    This site seems interesting and I see links on the
    authenticate forums..anyone actually sell/buy
    using them?

    Apparently you open a shop, high end items only,
    list items, and when you
    sell, you send the item to the site's office for authentication
    and they send it to the buyer.
    Seller is charged 18%.

    Great concept, if it actually works.
    Anyone using them? Looks to be a step up from Ebay.
    At least they're trying...
  2. sounds like Vestiaire Collective with half the fees. I'm looking into it.
  3. I just recently found this site and listed one of my Tory burch since fashionphile or other high end reseller do not want to sell contemporary designers like Tory (and I am done with eBay). Listed it for 2 days and sold. They won't give me the money until I ship the item to them and they confirm authenticity, so still waiting for that process to happen.
  4. I live in the European Union and since this website is based out of the USA I fear that if i order a designer bag I will get charged high amount with the customs duties or tax. has anyone used or ordered handbags over 500 dollars from this site from the EU and could you share your experience with thema nd what were the custom duties or charges that they incurred.

    Would be very helpful as they have some lovely stuff.
  5. I've tried to purchase 2 pairs of shoes from their website in the last month both more expensive than ebay and both times my transaction was cancelled by the company because the seller was not available or the item was no longer for sale

    Really disappointing because one of the pairs of shoes I have been looking for, for 2 years a couple of days after it was listed i bought it they cancelled my transaction due to the seller not wanting to sell and it has been listed again!
    I wouldn't bother unless you are interested in having funds on hold on your credit card for 2 weeks (stopping me from buying other items) for absolutely no reason.
  6. Although this thread is old, I wanted to reply as I thought it might be useful for anyone looking for a current review of Shop-Hers since I couldn't seem to find any for myself when deciding whether to use them or not. I had the WORST experience as a consigner with a very often mentioned online consignment service (only reason I'm not naming them here is bc this thread is about Shop-Hers, but I'll gladly give their name to anyone who asks). That service accepted and took 10 of my items and just held them for over a month - never put them on the site and I was given ZERO explanation. I demanded their return and put some on Shop-Hers. Well, I sold my first bag in EIGHT (8) hours! And unlike the other service who takes 40%, Shop-Hers takes 18%. I'm about to ship my bag to them for inspection and proceed with the sale, so I'll report back with the rest of my experience with them.
  7. I've sold two items through Shop-Hers. Both sales were positive experiences. The only headache for me was getting my bank account verified to receive payment.
  8. Just purchased an item from Shop-hers. I bought a pair of Oliver Peoples Dulaine sunglasses. I will be sure to keep you updated on the buying process!
  9. I've sold on Shop-Hers and it's very convenient. I feel more confident that my items are supposedly directly inspected by their staff before being sent on to the buyer. Also, shipping to them is quick and inexpensive for me because I'm on the west coast.

    That said, I've only purchased 2 things there. The first was an Alexander McQueen bag that was gorgeous and in great condition but I just had a bad experience with my second buy.

    I bought a pair of Bottega Veneta sandals that were listed with pretty pictures and the condition was "no wear above the soles". Well, when I got them, the leather on the backs of the heels was so worn that the finish on the leather was gone. This wasn't shown specifically in the listing so I thought the shoes weren't as described. I mean, I guess you could argue that the backs of the heels are part of the insoles and therefore the "soles" but they're in plain view of everyone and that's obviously something that should have been mentioned.

    Anyway, their response was that I could either sell them myself on their website or pay return shipping and have a 5% restocking fee deducted from the refund. I chose the latter because I don't want to try to sell a pair of beat sandals but I don't think it's fair I should have to pay for their mistake. I attached a pic of the damage on the sandals so you can see what I'm talking about.
  10. I would say that this site is great for buyers but not for sellers.
    As a buyer: the items have to be shipped to Shop-hers headquarters where they can verify the condition of the item and the authenticity.
    As a buyer, you can be assured that you are getting what you are paying for.

    As a seller, it is not a really win/win.
    I chose to go the VIP seller route. That means they take photos, and list your item for you at a hefty 35%.
    I sold a few items and it was a relatively good experience, but then I convinced my mom to sell her stuff through them using my account and it was a huge mistake.

    One of the things they reiterate over and over is that the price is up to you. In this case, I dropped my mom’s stuff off to them and some of the stuff was sold before I had woken up in the morning to approve the pricing. Why? Because they listed it for almost free. I felt so bad for my mom, because she had YSL purses and shoes a few other things that should have easily been $300 at a piece (which is what we were quoted initially). Shop-hers listed them for $100-125, and then of course they take their 35%.
    I was mortified that I had to convinced my mom to sell with them.
    When I complained they didn’t rectify the situation other than to explain to me that they priced it to sell because they gave me an amazing deal on a purse I bought from them. They sold me a purse for $600, and used a few of my old handbags as a “trade.” They informed me that they don’t normally do that, and it was a deal they worked out so that I could leave with the bag I loved and they could sell my bags to make up the cost. It was nice but then they further needed to make up for it by pricing my moms items to sell at almost nothing WHICH WAS NOT PART OF THE DEAL. They didn’t even rectify it by cutting the percentage they took. It was an UNREAL experience. The email exchange between me and the owner was almost unbelievable.

    Ultimately they said they would let my mom pick something off the site and discount it. She picked a pair of sunglasses and they took of about $10. UNREAL
  11. Wow. What an awful experience!
  12. I've only ever sold with them, never did the VIP thing because I was afraid of things like what happened to the above poster, but they are very slow to sell and I imagine shipping to anywhere outside the US would take a long time, because it needs to go to them first.

    I also don't think they cover duties, so I'd just expect worst case scenario there, so you aren't surprised. I'd only do it if it's something you really want.
  13. I just purchased a Chanel tank and overall, was happy with the experience. I got a great discount for first purchase. I thought the item could have been a bit better cleaned, it did look to have a light underarm stain and one or two other small marks but I was able to spot clean them. All in all, the item was true to its description and at a great price, so I would consider buying from them again. Hope this helps!!
  14. I also wanted to share my experience.

    I listed my Chanel items and one was sold within a day!

    I have shipped my item to them so will come back and post my experience.

    But overall, this is a much better than Yoogie's closet and Fashionphile.

    I submitted my item for quote on Fashionpjile and didn't get any response after more than 3 business days and Yoogie's low ball my item while their listing prices are simply crazy.
  15. I am sorry this happened to you.

    How does the VIP work? I know VIPs ship items to them and they take over the process but I guess you also don't get to name your prices? Is that what happened to you?