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  1. The day before I was hunting for a chanel vintage jumbo flap bag, so I found that site called !
    I was really amazed for the wide range of the most wanted chanel "authentic" bags in an unbelievable cheao prices !!!
    Have anyone try to order from that site before ? Please tell your experience, and if you know any sites which sell authentic vintage chanel please listed :smile:
  2. Well if you are Chanel possessed I'm a serious BAGAHOLIC, and I'm really looking for a saftey place to buy a vintage authentic Chanel , I'll check out your collection now :P
  3. Mia33: My collection is very very very mini :smile:
  4. Chanel Touch is always is a great place to look for Vintage Jumbos
  5. Yes, please do stay away from IOffer it is full of scammers. Most of the pictures used by the sellers on IOffer are stolen from reputable sellers on eBay.
  6. I too recommend Chanel Touch, and also, PM me if you need the number of a fabulous consignment shop here, actually 2, that have yummy vintage Chanel (totally 1000% real)!
  7. Thanks girls ;) I really like Chanel touch but unfortunately I didnt find a red jumbo !
    Please if anyone knows where can I find one let me know :smile:
  8. u can try other places like Malleries, or Mimiaction from Ebay. mimiaction always have really nice vintage bags. i guess other tpfer might have experience dealing with her, but not for me yet.
  9. Hi, I am new here so does anybody can tell me what's Chanel Touch? Thanks a lot
  10. Hi I'm new for chanel bags and would like to purchase my first one online hehehe Can anyone tell me which one is good for starter and will always in style? Also if purchase online what's a reasonable price to pay for(such as new, used or vintage items)? Thanks in advance
  11. hi vanilla, chanel touch is a reseller that has a store at malleries and sells at ebay as well.

    claralanz, i guess for the first bag, go for something that make ur heart skip a beat. take a look at Chanel action thread and see how versatile the bags are.