Shop Etc. magazine: Summer's Hottest 100 Shoes & Bags under $100

  1. I just saw this at the bookstore and had to buy the magazine. There are some super cute finds! I am so ready to go shopping...

    There is a slideshow with some of the items here:

    I love this black & white floral clutch:
  2. Cute stuff, thanks for sharing :biggrin: Still waiting for some of the slides to load though ...
  3. I love that clutch! I've seen that style somewhere before I just cant remember where :[
  4. That entire magazine gets me in soooo much trouble. I go on a rampage buying thins I see in that mag.
  5. Yea I was going to post something about this the other day.
    What I don't get are all the Knock offs, especially Wal Mart's

    I shop at Wal Mart for home things, DVDs etc... I have nothing against the place. I love it for my necessities but the people that usually go there to buy clothes, I am assuming they really aren't familiar with designer bags. I mean, I am even learning them and I am pretty fashion sensitive.

    Anyways, my question is.... Why is Wal Mart making a Fendi Spy, etc...

    I mean most people that want a SPY, they aren't going to get one at Wal Mart. And I am guessing most people that buy their bags from Wal Mart know nothing about a SPY. So why even bother doing it?

    I just don't get it.

    Also in the same issue, they have other companies such as Forever 21, JC Penny, Arden B knocking off Chanel, MJ, etc....

    Interesting... I guess there is something for everyone
  6. That is something called the "trickle down" effect, when elements from high-end designers get absorbed by larger, less fashion-centric retailers.
  7. :lol: I was flipping through this mag earlier today at Borders and said that to my DH.

    Great taste :flowers: :graucho:
  8. Thanks for posting this, I love Shop Etc. magazine.