shop epic codes?

  1. Want to buy some new jeans (as usual) and found a great pair here. I'd love a coupon code. Thanks!! Has anyone ordered from here? Are they good?
  2. I don't now whether these still work...but its worth a try
    fallsale for 30% off over 100.00 non sale items

    jessicastyle for 20% off
    hope they work!!:yes:
  3. Thanks!!! :yahoo:
  4. what did you buy?! maybe I need it too:nuts: Which coupon did you use, and did they work for you?
  5. I bought the SFAM A tri color pocket. I love the non stretch A pockets; maybe you should give them a try.

    I actually ended up using the code "grechen" for 20% off.

    thanks for helping!