Shop Celine online in the UK

  1. Hi everyone, I'm quite new to Celine bags but have seen quite a lot of images of their bags on twitter as of late and think I may slowly be falling in love. Could anyone tell me where I could purchase one online, or at least be able to have a look at them and prices?

    Thanks! :smile:
  2. Hi Sarah. Oh what have I started hehe.

    don't think you can buy online for Celine but Selfridges and Harvey Nics stock some but not the full range.
  3. If you give Matches a ring they can email you some pics & you can then order over the phone.HTH ;)
  4. You have created a monster :p hehe I joke! Do you know the name/style of the bag? I've never really thought about buying a Celine bag before. I'm quite liking subtle bags these days, classic but great quality with a logo or symbol stuck slap bang in the middle of the bag.
  5. Really? Ah, fab thank you! You ladies are dangerous, goodbye money .. goodbye. :p
  6. Id love to know the prices! I've seen a few in harvey nichols in Leeds but they dont have the one I like (thinking all black). Also what size is the one a lot of celebrities have atm? As ive seen the small one then one that looks a little bigger. Great for any help :smile: x