Shop Celine in Prague, Vienna & Budapest

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  1. Hi anyone knows that am I able to get a Celine Luggage Nano in these three cities?

    Is that possible for me to get it in Boutique Chegini, Vienna?
  2. Yes! I just got my Celine at Chegini in Vienna last week. I bought a mini luggage, but they had a black nano. They had five colors in the mini luggage but only black nano.
  3. #3 Jul 11, 2016
    Last edited: Jul 11, 2016
    Oh thank you so much. However did you notice the price for nano? and did you get the tax refund?
  4. The nano was either 1900 or 1950 euro. I got my tax refund, but it's quite the process :rolleyes:.
  5. Alright dear, thanks for your reply.