Shop Candy Couture

  1. hey guys, I really wanted the Chloe Paddington in Aubergine but missed out on Net A Porter's fall treat deals. I found them on the website Shop Candy Couture for $899. Does anyone know if this site sells the real deal and/or has anyone ever ordered from this site before? 'Cause other Chloe bags on the site are sold for pretty cheap. I would rather pay the full price for the real deal than a lot of money for a I am not sure what to do. Thanks!!
  2. Uh, yeah....totally FAKE!
    Sorry...looks / is too good to be true!(did you notice that they are listing every other Paddy at 299?)
    Not only that, but after you find out its fake, they then charge you a 10% restocking fee to send it back, so regardless, they get to steal your money.
  3. Wow what a quick reply!! :smile: Thank you soooo confirmed what I was already thinking, I just wanted to make sure.
  4. Yeah, no problem, I just happened to jump on here after you posted, and isn't it stupid that they want 900 bucks for the one you are looking at vs. the rest. That and the 10% deal is such a scam! (also, someone mentioned earlier that Chanel and Hermes is a dead giveaway) I never thought about it before, but Chanel does not even sell on their own site. Even though I have been there a zillion times, I had not even thought about it.
  5. uh.............hey! that's my username!! ok ok pls. don't mistake me for that website!!!!!! totally not my username inspiration! :crybaby:
  6. Wow, that is nuts! I wonder if they decided to "borrow" your name?!