Shop Candy Couture

  1. :mad: :mad: :mad:
  2. They also claim to sell authentic Hermès.
  3. hahahha. i know.
    odd, that the coach prices are reasonable,
    but the purses that should be priced much higher are really low.
  4. I wonder if the makeup is bootleg too :P
  5. i know.
    the prices seem reasonable
  6. :lol: perfume too maybe?
  7. WHAT?! i had my hopes on buying a cheap bbag from there. MY WORLD IS CRUMBLING APART! lol *sigh* where do i get a cheap bbag other than ebay??????????????? :sad:
  8. B-Bags aren't cheap, you can't get an authentic one 'cheap' or everyone would have one.
  9. eww, I saw a Coach bag on there that was sooo off,, and it's $399 .. they need to be reported!!!! :sad: :wtf:
  10. i just have 400 bucks. you can get a coach bag at the mall for 400 bucks right now. :P not everybody has coach.. ugh nevermind. lol
  11. inbelievable... some of those styles dont even exist... awful
    GRRRR:throwup: :yucky: :mad: :censor: