Shop Bop Code

  1. Does anyone have any shope bop codes? I was looking around and I didn't see any, but I'm new so maybe I'm not looking in the right place?
  2. I have been looking everywhere for a code too.....but to no avail......
  3. have you tried grechen?
  4. ^^ grechen doesnt work. i just tried that now. What is that code supposed to do?
  5. Just tried too on a 500 order - no go.
  6. Shopbop rarely has codes and if they do it would be advertised on their site and the girls would post it up right away.

    THey usually have codes around the holidays and I feel like hte nxt one will be sometime in the spring.
  7. Bump...

    Looking for a Shopbop code... anyone have one or know of one??? TIA! :smile:
  8. No codes but you can get 6% back through e-bates.. not that great I know,but at least it's something
  9. XOXOSB 20% off
  10. Expires today!!!

    February 5, 2009 at 11:59 PST

  11. ^^^It totally worked. THANK YOU!!
  12. OMG! Thanxxxxx! You guys are going to be the death of me! Ever since I've joined this forum... gah! I can't help myself!

    That 20% pretty much paid for the overnight shipping. I'm so addicted to sunglasses that I have to have them right away!

    DITA! My second pair! Shopbop's the only place I've seen them on sale. I feel the need to purchase them everytime they go on sale. :blush:

    This is my 19th!:supacool: pair of designer sunnies. I've given a pair to my dad, my mom, and my friend... and my other friend has my first pair.... so officially this makes..... 15.:wtf::wtf::wtf::nuts::nuts::nuts:
  13. Bumping if anyone has another shopbop code... thanks!
  14. Oh I just missed the code. tried it this morning and did not work
  15. Sad, me too. Anyone else have a code, please?