SHOP BOP code!! :)

  1. Here we go!! :upsidedown:

    Enter COde: GETAJUMP
    25$ off 150
    50 off 300
    100 off 500
    200 off 1000+

    expires: 11/26

    have fun!
  2. Hey its actually $250 off of a $1000 purchase! Thanks for posting!
  3. thanks! just waiting for this!
  4. yay, i LOVE Shopbop codes, thanks so much for posting!!
  5. Another elusive <a href="" style="text-decoration: none; border-bottom: 1px dotted #666666;" target="_blank">Shopbop</a> code - thanks for posting! Did anyone else notice that the discount decreased, though? Their promotions are usually $20 off of $100 and $25 off of $250, which is proportionately 20% off. This time around it's only 17%! Still won't stop me from overspending, though :graucho:.
  6. yes last time I got 150 off 500 :sad:.
  7. I'm excited for a code but definitely noticed that they decreased the percentage back. boo!
  8. i had 6 things in my cart... but decided not to check out. all these sales is driving my CC nuts!
  9. I know! I got this in my email today and I was like :nuts: b/c that coupled with the
    Botkier bag that's on sale and no sales tax or shipping I paid just under $300!
  10. Thanks so much!! Waiting for this forever!!
  11. And if you have lucky mag rewards, you also get 5% cash back.