Shop alone or with another/others?


Jan 29, 2006
I actually prefer to shop alone! I can take as much time as I want or be as quick as I please without annoying anyone.

It is fun to go with my best girlfriend, though!

Oh EDIT: And WHO actually shops with their boyfriend/husband?!
i like to shop alone.
but even if i didn't i wouldn't have a choice because most of my friends won't even set foot in a designer boutique ;)
lol my bf shopping? unless it involves sneakers or the sporadic sunglasses i'm pretty much outta luck in the dept.

I like to be with people all the time and i like to talk to people about what i am buying so i can think it through aloud but i haaaate being rushed or being pulled somewhere i dont want to go so i'm kinda toss up
I would just adore having a boyfriend or husband that liked to shop. Hasn't happened so far. I used to play poker with an ex-boyfriend and if I won I'd get a shopping trip. I got REAL good at poker really fast.
I love to shop alone. I shop quickly and with focus Ha! I find that others hold me back, plus many people don't understand my bag sickness, so they get a little freaked out, I don't need that!
I can't shop with any of my girlfriends, hah. I like to be able to do my own thing in my own time. :-P plus, selfish as it sounds, HATE sitting in the dressing room of some store I can't stand while my friend tries on 50 different shirts. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind doing that, but I need to be there knowing that actually getting shopping done isn't my main goal. :-P So, I can't shop with my girlfriends, but I can walk the mall recreationally with them.


I take my boyfriend shopping ALL the time. We both enjoy it and I usually have a pretty good time ( we also seperate and do our own thing when we're there sometimes.)
My boyfriend doesn't like it too much, I can tell, but he always goes with me! He's my ride everywhere. And I know he likes looking at men's clothes while I'm on the women's side.

Other than that, I also prefer to shop alone instead of with girlfriends. I can spend as much time as I want in the change room, and I don't have to go in stores that I don't like. Plus, I don't have to worry about compromising if we both like the same item.
I usually shop with my husband, he has picked out a lot of my bags with me. He has amazing taste so I've been lucky as special occassions generally involves a new purse. He's my best shopping buddy.
i hate to shop alone and i hate to shop with friend cuz i always feel bad that im' spending too much time on stuff for me and just i dunno takes away from my shopping concentration

but i love to shop with my boyfriend who enjoys shopping as much as i do (almost) and who has incredible taste........
I alway tend to shop alone. Not by my choice but because my friends have no interest in it. And they all think purses are a waste of $$$. What I would give for one day with a girlfriend to go purse crazy shopping with, and not feel guily because Im looking at bags over $20, and ultimately buying another dream bag.
I prefer to shop alone. The only time I like to have someone with me is the rare occasion when I need a second opinion on something...but unfortunately it's impossible to predict when that might happen. ;)
Alone!! I get so much more done. I hate shopping with my husband, because he doesn't like some of the things I do and has too much of an opinion on it. I'm an efficient shopper, I get things done, girlfriends always never know what they want and when we go to every store and they don't buy anything its annoying for me.