"Shooting Star" stamp vs. "Celtic Cross" blindstamp

  1. Some of you may know that some Hermes bags have special stamps. Correct me if I'm wrong, anyone, but this is what I've learned in the last few years.

    One is the "shooting star", which indicates that it was made by a Master craftsman for personal use or for family/friends. These CANNOT be conditioned at Hermes. As far as I've seen, these stamps are placed below the "Hermes Paris" label.

    The other is the "Celtic cross" blindstamp, which is placed near the year/workshop blindstamp. I read that these are also made by the Master craftsmen and unlike the "shooting star" bags, they CAN be conditioned at Hermes. I read that both kinds of bags have the same quality as any other Hermes bag.

    My question is, why the differences if both are made by Master craftsmen? Or was I misinformed and that one is made by the Master craftsmen and the other by only regular craftsmen? I would guess that there is an hierarchy among the Hermes craftsmen.

    Here are pictures of Celtic cross blindstamps. They are located on the far right of the straps.

    Photo courtesy of eBay seller "elitefashion2000".

    Sorry, can't remember where I got this picture.
  2. And for those who haven't seen a "shooting star" stamp, here's a picture, courtesy of flossyfigaro:

  3. Lucy, you are such a wealth of knowledge! We are so lucky to have you here!!! These pics are excellent references as well. I knew about the shooting star, but this is the first time I have heard/seen the celtic cross. SO interesting! Thank you for posting!
  4. Hi Lucy,

    The Celtic Cross bags are made by a Master Craftsmen special bags for sale in stores.....usually special orders. At least, that is what I have been told. hth, at little.
  5. There are a couple of versions of the more established Craftsmans stamp, the Celtic Cross being one, but they are not Master craftsman per se .... yes they do have a hierachy amongst the craftsman and the celtic cross denotes it is a more established craftsman.
  6. Jag, thanks very much! We all have something to share! =)

    Sarah-girl, thanks for the info! So, does that mean these Celtic Cross bags are made only by the Master craftsmen and not the "peon" (sorry for the term) craftsmen? How many "levels" of craftsmen are there, if any? Also, is there anything else that sets these apart from the shooting star bags?

    Maybe I'm reading too much into this and it really doesn't matter? LOL
  7. Thanks, flossy! That's what I thought; for sure there would be some kind of hierarchy. If there are a couple of versions, what are the other stamps? Just curious, that's all. Do you know how many Master craftsmen there are?
  8. OT, that is really interesting! I didn't even know there is a celtic cross stamp!

    Flossy, would you please share with us what other types of stamps there are?

    Ok, I have a feeling that this topic is going to add a few more bags onto my list ...
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    We need more info on this.

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  10. I also remember being told that the famous Claude in NYC Hermes is a Master craftsman, same with the one at the Beverly Hills store. Is this true?
  11. Oh please tell!!! someone verify this please!!! I have been contemplating sending my mothers bag in (she's a mess, the handles need work) but I want the best work done, it's a very special bag to me.
  12. I just checked Claude's business card which he gave me once and it says "Master Craftsman". I heard also once that only Master Craftsmen were allowed to make Drag bags, but I cant believe that can be true. I think the whole craftsmen thing is fascinating and I always check each new bag to see if by chance it is made by the same craftsmen as another bag. So far all are different. Does anyone know how many craftsmen/women there are who work on bags?
  13. I have pics somewhere of other stamps, but cannot locate them at the mo as I am having a major rehaul of my pc due to continual crashes

    Regarding the heirachy, I would rather not quote what I have been told as I am not 100 pct sure it is correct and therefore I could be passing on dud info.

    There are around 150 craftsman as far as I know

    Bagaholic - when you send your mothers bag for refurbishing, any craftsman handling the repairs will be more than qualified, they don't let anyone loose on the bags, only those who have the required experience, knowledge and skills, so no worries there - it is up to Hermes who they assign to take care of the bag, I'm afraid you can't stipulate to them who you would like to do it ... and I am sure you will be delighted with the results
  14. I should add that Hermes usually return the bag for repairs to whoever made it in the first place, which is understood by the craftsmans initials ... if that person is no longer there, they usually have a protege who they have passed their skills (and in extremely rare and special cases) also their tools onto

  15. I hope so!!! It means the world to me!