Shooting at Omaha Mall


    (CNN) -- Police were searching for a person who fired shots Wednesday at the popular Westroads Mall in Omaha, Nebraska, killing two people and wounding a number of others.
    The Westroads Mall in Omaha, Nebraska, is locked down after the shooting.


    The dead were a man and a woman, according to Creighton University Medical Center.
    Another woman was in critical condition.
    The shooting took place at the Von Maur store inside the shopping complex, which was locked down, the Nebraska State Patrol said.
    Paramedics were at the scene. At least two people were seen being taken from the shopping complex on stretchers and placed in an ambulance.
    Shoppers and employees walked out of the building with their hands up. Some described hiding in clothes racks and dressing rooms after hearing the shots.

    "I was standing around getting ready to go back to work and all of a sudden I heard this bang, bang, bang -- it sounded like someone shooting fireworks," a witness told CNN affiliate KETV. "I ran to get away from whatever was happening."
    Shoppers described scenes of horror as they fled the mall.
    "We heard about 35, 40 shots, and on our way our we did see someone down by the escalator, bleeding," Jennifer Cramer told KETV.
    Another witness said people started running frantically from the Von Maur area saying there was a shooting.
    "I heard three loud pops," said mall employee Charissa Tatoon. "Immediately after that, there was a series of maybe 20 to 25 more shots up on the third floor." She said she saw a man shot on the second floor and "at least four or five" people brought out on gurneys.
    Another woman who works at the mall said she saw a woman shot, and added that the shots seemed to be coming from inside the Von Maur store, on an upper level.
    People were gathering outside the mall, checking on loved ones believed to be inside.

    The University of Nebraska Medical Center said it had received one patient, a man shot in the upper arm. He was listed in critical condition and was taken into the operating room, said hospital spokeswoman Andrea McMaster.
    The hospital was awaiting the arrival of two more people, but was unaware of their conditions, McMaster said
  2. Just got this news alert, this is AWFUL!
  3. oh no, its just coming through as breaking news in the UK. Apparantly, this happened an hour after President Bush had visited?

    Just awful :sad:
  4. Many of you probably haven't heard, but in Omaha, NE there was a shooting this afternoon at the Westroad Mall, specifically Von Maur. So far, nine are confirmed dead and five injured. The shooter is one of the dead.

    I'm writing about this because I live in Omaha, and was at Von Maur (it's less than a mile from my house) about two hours prior to this all occuring. My friend and I went there this morning so she could show me a purse that she wanted.

    I am so saddened by what has happened in my peaceful town, and if there are any other Omaha TPFers out there, please write in and let us know that you, your friends and family are okay.

    My heart goes out to all those who were affected by this terrible incident.
  5. News now said they have one guy who apparently shot himself, they think it's the gunman. Confirmed are two dead, one male, one female, and at least five others shot.
  6. This is horrible...tragic.
  7. I have family in Omaha. My Mom just called me...but I can't find it on the news anywhere...
  8. Sunny, it's on MSNBC, CNN, any of the cable channels. There is also breaking news on it, just google "Breaking News Omaha".
  9. I just heard about the incident and I'm deeply saddened : ( I live in Superior, NE (about 3 hours away from Omaha) and my heart goes out to all the families who lost loved ones in this horrible tragedy.

    luvinmybags, thank goodness you guys were out of Von Maur's before this happened. What is this world coming to?? Makes me sick!
  10. This is horrible!! I live about 3 hours from Omaha and it's just terrible that lives were taken away from this madman!
  11. I know Missy! Last week, there was apperantly a grenade in the Westroads mall (same mall) parking lot! It didn't go off and no one was hurt, but CRAZY! I just heard about the grenade today.

    I think I'll be doing the rest of my shopping online.
  12. I live in Omaha, and was at Von Maur this morning. NINE are confirmed dead, and one of them is the shooter. Five injured.
  13. I should clarify, I was there a couple hours BEFORE the shootings occured.
  14. I am SO glad to know that you are ok!

    I just talked to my family there...they are all ok. LUVINMYBAGS...I really am so thankful to know you are alright!!! :flowers:
  15. Thank you! I finally found it...we have new dish tv, I had a hard time finding what I needed!