1. I can highly recommend it. Just watched it with Megs, kickass action flick with lots of oomph and a little gory, too.

    Thumbs up! :nuts:
  2. Amazing movie!! Anyone else seen it?

    And Mark.. looked... VERY ... nice :girlsigh:
  3. I just saw it yesterday. LOVE IT. And yes, Mark looked very VERY NICE....:yes:
  4. Have not seen it yet, but it looks good. I think Mark will end up being one of the most highly paid male actors, he is quite good.
  5. I just saw previews to it this morn... I wanna see it!
  6. Saw it! Great action the whole way through.
  7. very entertaining, and I usually dont go for those type of movies.....loved the scenery too! And the girl was very cute, who was that, anyway?
  8. Never even heard of it what is it about? Who's Mark?