Shoot me....saving for totally DE but now I want the Evora!! Help?

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  1. I've always admired the Evora..from afar. I've been diligently saving for my Totally
    But I tell you, it just isn't as pretty as the Evora. I live a casual life... I should just save for my Totally, right? RIGHT?! Plus- that's double my Totally fund :nogood:Ugh. Hate when this happens and I change my mind..did I mention my all time limit is $2000?:yucky:
  2. I would keep up saving and get the evora! probably you can get one pre-loved? I have a very casual lifestyle and the evora fits perfectly!! good luck!!👍😊
  3. ps. is is really worth it!😜 ImageUploadedByPurseForum1398415536.328220.jpg
  4. Of the two I prefer Totally but if Evora is what you really love then you should save for that.
  5. I don't like the Totally in DE, I was prepared to buy it but it did nothing for me. Evora is so much more beautiful.
  6. Don't worry OP!!! I'm in the same position. I started saving for the totally, saw the Evora IRL and completely changed my mind!!! Chronicles of an LV addict!!!!!LOL
  7. If you like the Evora more, get that. I do think the Evora is nicer.
  8. I dont have evora. But i love totally DE so much. Very comfortable for me. Much more comfy than my speedy B DE. I love the handle, didnt hurt my shoulder, i love the roomy space and inside pocket, and i love 2 pocket outside, i can fit my iphone and train card, very light too. I love everything about totally DE. I cant stop using her since the moment i bought her, more than 1 month and still look like new even i couple times was caught in the rain !
    Oh well, i think evora is too expensive for a canvas bag. I prefer to buy empriente instead. But its your decision. Good luck. ;)
  9. TBH i prefer the totally over the evora. Once you have the $, Go to LV and try the totally de on.. If you feel :heart: pick it up as planned, if you don't then save for another.
  10. I just got my Evora DE this week and LVoe it. I think it's worth it! There's one on Yoogis right now in "Like New" condition for $2k. I say go for it!
  11. I prefer the totally, I do not like the zipper out there. Stay with totally
  12. Yoogis has an Evora MM on there now, listed as like new......I have the mono totally and the Evora and the Evora has more detailing with the zipper pocket and you are able to carry it hand held or on the shoulder...I don't think you could go wrong with either bag!
  13. Right? The price KILLS me on the Evora!!!
  14. I saw that! And trust me if I had the $$$ right now I would have bought it. Too much time waiting makes for fickle feelings!! :lol: