Shoot me now Or Ravished by a gorgeous Chloe paddy loaf in 05 craie

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  1. I was on a bag ban.

    Honest. :hysteric:

    I am broke, barely able to pay property taxes, LOL.

    Yet this bag *insisted* on becoming part of my collection:



    How on earth am I going to pay the mortgage this month?!?! Do you think BofA takes Chloes?? :confused1: :p
  2. Can you take it back? You can always get the bag later but the late payment penalty will be soooo stiff.... I'm just a little bit worried :sweatdrop: ... You won't be able to enjoy your new bag when you have to worry about the mortgage + the property tax.imo
  3. that is gorgeous... i've seen it IRL :yes:
    but first comes first :p i think this bag'll be around for some times.
  4. Are you just joking? It is a beautiful bag.
  5. File for an extension..............
  6.'s pretty but if you're broke and on a purse ban, shouldn't you think about returning it? There are pretty bags everywhere. You don't want to be homeless!
  7. This is a gorgeous bag. :smile: White is great for spring and summer!
  8. It's GORGEOUS!!
    But it's not worth it if you'll eventually have to live in it!!
  9. Oh you have been a bad girl...but you got a great bag!
  10. congrats....
    she will fit very well in your collection....