Shoot!!!I'm supposed to buying for other people!!! UPDATE EMMY SCORED

  1. Ok..I saw this bag in Toronto at Holt's this summer.....LOVED it in person..It would look great w/ office attire and my black dress coats...What do you think?

    And this watch I love too...anyone have it or seen it?

    :nuts:This always happens to me....I just purchased some boots online for my neice and then I have to look for something for me ..I swear I have no control :shame:

    OK..thanks for all your comments/opinions in advance!!!!! --Hope everyone had a great holiday too!!!! Ha--I did...gotta love that wine!!!
  2. Buy the bag Emmy it's fab!
    That's the way to shop one present for friend/family, one present for for me.

    Not sure about the watch, it's pretty but doesn't look comfy to wear imo.
  3. i sympathize. i am such a shopaholic that even when i'm buying things for others, i can't resist throwing in a little somethin' somethin' for myself too. i really should quit it with the handbag buying since i've been buying so many lately, but the sales are hard to resist.

    i love the mix quilted line, so you should definitely get the chic. the watch looks nice too, but it's a little bit too futuristic looking for my tastes, and beany has a point, the wide cuff looks like it would restrict wrist movement. however, all that matters is that you like it. let us know what you decide!
  4. The bag is really cute..sorry don't know much about it but the strap seems really long..or maybe because I'm short. I love the watch though, very sexie.

  5. The purse is cute - I say go for it! And yours is the shopping story of my life - something for him -and something for me, something for her hmmmm and something for me!
  6. I love the bag. I say go for it. PLUS it's on sale. I like the long strap. cross-body bags are great. The problem with them USUALLY is that they're not so feminine. That's not a problem with the chic. I'm not crazy about the watch, I don't think it's very classic. Let us know what you decide Emmy!
  7. I've been very tempted by that bag...the name suits it. It's so Chic! I hope you go for it EMMY!!!:yes:
  8. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!! I knew if I posted I would get the green light....I like the watch to wear w/ my comtemporary boots, big silver hoops.....UGH!!! I just bought DH's presents today too...hmm...does anyone know if ELUXURY ever has any deals beyond free shipping?

    OH YEAH...and I found this too to match my black blake & matching ZC....

    I'm sick!! :graucho:

    Shoot!!!!! Doesn't anyone have either of these things? Need some more enabling...actually I'm going to finish the bottle of wine I started last night & wash my kitchen floor...:shame: That should do it..!!!
  9. ^^LOL EMMY!!! You are too funny. I don't know of any other Elux deals, sorry. But I haven't seen that bag on sale anywhere else so I really think it shouldn't be passed up!:graucho: I also like those little key/coin pouches. I've owned one before and think they are super cute.

    Go drink your wine EMMY and keep us posted!!:wlae::tispy:
  10. Emmy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Are you really going to fire up that wine again this morning??????? Wow girl!! Ok, for sure you're going to buy *everything* once that wine kicks in!!! :nuts:

    Now that I've taken a 2nd gander at both those watches I think one is very contemporary... the exluxury one... and the other is very everyday. I like both. The everyday one from Zappos is starting to get to me... I think I'm liking that one better now. :upsidedown:

    ok girl... drink up!!! Wish I was there to celebrate with ya! :yes:
  11. not that you need anymore encouraging :-P but that watch is cute!!!
  12. ^ Thanx Mittened!! I like it too..I'm cautiously stalking...I have about 4 million dollars of stuff in my shopping bags all over the net lol...Now I can't decide what to do!!!
  13. Emmy... You crack me up girl!! :roflmfao:

    I'm following in your footsteps --- I got a bunch of stuff in my cart too! :p
  14. Shoot!!!!!!!!!!! It's gone...Only the grey left!!!! **sigh** I got side tracked...Maybe it will come back...shoot shoot shoot!!!
  15. i dont knwo if it's too late, but i say BUY!