Shoot! Another grooming accident!

  1. :sad: My baby was being full groomed today. As usual, the groomers came to our house. I was still sleeping when it was done so I didnt supervise it.

    A couple of hours ago when we had our early breakfast before praying, I noticed a trail of blood spots on the floor. Apparently, a couple of the nails in his front paw were cut too short and also there was a small chip of flesh on the paw! I was mortified! Maybe, when it happened, the groomer did put something on it, but obviously the wound hasn't healed. My baby is quite hyperactive and early breakfast is always a very exciting time for him (read: FOOD :P). And so maybe when he was running around and jumping up and down begging for food the wound started bleeding again. He also wouldnt stop licking his paw.

    I swear I'm going to be a super ***** and complain like hell to the groomer. He should've told me or my parents that he did a lil accident. We could at least watch it closely :cursing:

    The blood has stop now, thank god. My baby isnt really in pain or anything like it. This is not something major, but what pisses me off is how the groomer behaved.
  2. Aw! Poor should give that groomer a piece of your mind!
  3. They definitely should have told someone!! Poor doggy.
  4. Oh, I'll hate that too! You are your baby's mommy and has the right to know anything that happen to him/her.
  5. Something similar happened to me at Petsmart...I threw a fit and was so mad! They had cut the quick of my chihuahua's nails--SEVERAL of them!!!

    I spoke with the manager...they refunded my $, paid for me to see their inhouse vet and paid for pain meds for him:sad:

    They were very nice about it, but I know exactly how you are feeling right now. I am so sorry this happened to you and your little one:sad:
  6. Hell yeah they should have told you!! Obviously they cut the nails to short, yes it could cause itself an acident but not a hole chunk of skin and nails bleeding..In my opinion id never use that person again..Not worth the risk of something hapening and me not being told, id look eleswhere if i was you!
  7. I would be f-ing outraged! Call them up now!
  8. I keep hearing these awful stories about groomers, thank god I don't have to go to one, I feel for you! I'm sure it's hard to find one you trust. They should at least be up front with you about the accident. sheesh! it's not like you wont find out.
  9. oh no! you must be sooooooo angry and sad right now. i know i was!

    please do call and complain. a nick here and there is alright if it's not serious and unintentional but it's important for the groomer to be honest and tell you!

    once the paw heals, you might need to get your baby used to having it's nails clipped again...Dookie hasn't been groomed since (only bathed twice) but i'm worried about what will happen when we visit another groomer next month. :sad:
  10. The same thing happened to my dog. She was so happy to see me she was jumping on me and I found blood stains on my Tshirt. The groomer did not say anything and I had to call them and that was when they admitted it. I had to take my baby back for them to put some medication on her broken nail!!! I was livid.

    I am sure my baby cried when it happend, how could she not? I felt so bad. That's why my she is not going anywhere for grooming. We are doing it at home!!!
  11. That is outrageous! You should definitely not use that groomer again, he really should have told you so that you could put some antiseptic on it or something. Hope your baby feels better!
  12. My baby is okay now, like I said, it was something minor but it's not what this is all about. It's the groomer's attitude!

    I did give 'em a call today (I ended up being quite nice actually, I was fasting, so I cant curse, LOL!), spoke to the manager first who then confirmed it with the man who groomed my baby. The man admitted that he cut a couple of nails too short and that the nail clipper did cut a lil bit of flesh accidentally (coz he said my baby wouldnt stop moving). He said he put some black powder (dunno what it's called) on them and thought everything was okay. The manager apologized for like three times, assuring me that it will NEVER happen again, and was offering not 1, but 2 FREE grooms next time.

    I'm still thinking about this, whether to use their services again or not. I also noticed that this groomer isnt very good at styling. He can cut okay, but he cant style. I noticed that he cut the fur in the area around my baby's eyes too short! My baby is a maltese mix, now he looks so silly with his huge eyes looking as they're about to fall off LOL!

    What do you think guys, should I give the groomer a 2nd chance and watch more closely when they work on my baby... OR shop around for a new groomer?

    Part of me hate it if I have to shop around again, but I also wants what's best for my boy.
  13. Get a new groomer!!! That is not acceptable,
  14. get a new groomer, everyone makes mistakes but the fact he didn't tell you .......
  15. Perhaps you can give him a second chance, but the next time before he starts grooming your baby, let him know what kind of look you prefer. If he still screws up, it's time to find another groomer. :rolleyes: