Shooooooot!!!!!! I missed my mom's new bag


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Sep 19, 2006
Ok.. today was my bad day since in the afternoon I tried to buy a bag that I kept my eyes on for 2 months(& it was now on sale), then when I clicked ok, it showed "sold out" which made me feel so sad.

Then, I got back home and my phone rang. I answered it, the guy from LV in Oakbrook called me whether I was still interested about the silver Speedy, and I said no...(because at that time I thought I already have one, the gold). After that, I called my mom and told her about it. She said she wanted it ..and it must be really pretty in silver (which she never said something like that for any bags before). So, I thought it's good idea to buy it for her up comming birthday :yes: .

I called LV back, like 7 mins after I denied not to have it, and asked about the silver one. The SA said it was sold out, because he went through the list and called the one below me, and she said ok. :wtf: ..I was like.... in 7 mins?????:confused1:

So, I called my mom and she was like...ok..don't worry about it. But, now I felt so terrible....:crybaby:

I shouldn't said no... I should say "let me think about it for 10 minutes"
:crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby:
So sorry--- I know that feeling sucks. I had my eye on a black epi speedy 25 with gold hardware for a few weeks on I was eyeing it everday sometimes several times a day and then I sent out a thread about the authenticity of her stuff. Everyone said she only sells genuine goods and like within 24-48 hrs the bag had been sold! I know the bag went to a good home but I feel like I shot myself in the foot. So I've been moping around the house.

Hope you get over it.
I'll definitely do that and cross my toes, may be a little prayer won't hurt either!!!

I felt pretty numb when I saw it was sold. It usually takes me a little bit of time to get over things.

Good luck with your bag.

Oh.. I'm sorry to hear that. You will find the new epi speedy soon.

** keep fingers crossed (for both of us) **
Yes... but I don't want to pay extra couples hundred dollars on the bag, since the store called me and I was able to pay for the retail price.

But........I missed it :crybaby:

I had the bad dream last night, and it was all about the silver Speedy!!!
I have had quite a few days like yours...I am so sorry. I have been there myself. This too shall pass...just remember that it will get better as it has to. Hugs to you...:cry: