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  1. :love: I've just accidently (oops) bought two pairs of LV shoes. A pink patent wedge and MG denim mules. Can't wait to wear them.

    Are there any shoes on your wish lists, if so which ones?
  2. Nice accident :biggrin: .
  3. :lol: LOL!

    There are a few LV shoes on my wishlist :shame: I'm afraid to walk into LV in fear of having an accident similar to yours :lol:
  4. :lol: cute! i always have those 'accidents' when I'm shopping. I enter with a budget, I leave with $8272 over my budget! :shame:

    congrats on your new purchases! The pink patent wedge sounds so girly and cute and I've always loved the denim mules!
  5. Congrats! :biggrin: Post pics!

    I am a designer sneaker whore, I'm looking at the Hermes sneakers next, but I'm struggling with the fact that I wouldn't want to walk outdoors with them :sad: They are so beautiful! I'd hate to see dirt even on the bottoms.
  6. Congrats, I've accidentally bought shoes too ("But mom, they'll fit you too!).

    Right now those Marc Jacobs sparkly ballet flats, but in gold. I may be going to prom again because a few of my friends are graduating and they wanna go, so I may be my guy friend's date, and the dress I'm eyeing is dark green satin, so I think those shoes would be perfect. Only thing is my mom doesn't wanna spend the money on them. But I'm hoping my money from my job will cover at least 1/2, 'cause I know she'll wear them too.
  7. 0o0o0o cute!!!! what a great buy!!!! hehehe! i hope your feet will be happy!
  8. Personally I'd rather spend money on Zanotti or Louboutin over LV- but recently I saw a pair of Vuitton sneakers in childrens size in a magazine. I thought about getting it for my daughter.:shame:
  9. Me too, I loooove Zanotti!
  10. There's these wooden MC sandals that are so gorgeous, but I don't think I'd ever get over the fact that they're 600$ !!
  11. I love the denim wedges with the ankle strap, they are sooooo pretty. :love: