SHOESTASTIC 20% off reveal!!

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  1. So of course I needed to use my 20% off coupon this week...and I was sort of disappointed that their was nothing at SPO for me to buy but I found this shoestastic goodie. Who's in for a quick reveal???

    I haven't used photobucket before so bare with me...

  2. Any guesses??

  3. No but show some skin :P
  4. Here's alittle skin for hunnyplaya....

  5. I made it to a live one :woohoo:
    take it off!!
  6. Well I guess no guesses huh?

    So here we go...Introducing white satin Kirby's!



  7. Here are a couple other purchases that I made..

    Plum Patent Bleeker mini skinny


    Samantha Sunnies..How do you guys think it looks on me? Excuse my scrubed out appearance.


  8. very cute!!!
  9. Lovely!!
    The sunglasses look great on you :woohoo:
  10. Cute buys!
  11. Nice purchases! Congrats!
  12. I LOVE those sunnies! So gorgeous and it looks good on you :woohoo:
  13. i think the sunglasses look cute!
  14. Congratulations! :yahoo: I love the shoes and sunglasses.
  15. Nice buys! The sunnies look really cute on you!