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  1. Does anyone know if any of the california outlets (especialy around carlsbad) carry the shoes and or watches?? TIA!! :yes:
  2. i don't think any outlets have shoes, unless they're returns.
  3. awww shucks!! not what I wanted to hear!! :crybaby:
    Thanks though!! :P
  4. oh, i know. but you can usually catch really good deals at department stores and stuff. no worries!
  5. I saw watches at Camarillo and Cabazon.
  6. ^^ cool, thanks!! :tup:
  7. Most outlets have watches. Just not shoes...for those you need to check out department store sales, tjmaxx, marshalls, dsw, or
  8. The outlets I have been to in Vegas I have never seen watches so I wasn't sure on the watches or shoes..... Thanks for the heads up :tup:
  9. The full priced stores puts shoes on sale.
  10. shoes... omg shoes!! lets get some shoes.. lets get some shoes... omg shoes... haha sorry thats a funny song i heard.. good luck finding some coachy shoes.. im on the hunt for mens flip flops!!