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  1. Ok, I know some of you must also really, really love shoes. So, I have to know:

    1) What are your favorite brands?
    2) The most you've spent?
    3) What is your favorite pair?
    4) What is your craziest pair?

    I've only recently gotten into shoes, and eBay is certainly helping (or hurting). I am not particular to any brand, but I only wear flats. I have 2 favorite pairs (can't choose): an Indian-inspired Jimmy Choo flat (silver with star-like cutouts) and black ballerina flats from Nordstrom. I wear both of them all the time. My craziest pair have to be Pucci flats that I got a a super, super discount!
  2. The most I have spent on shoes will be $450....tonight I am going to buy these Christian Louboutin flats that I have been eyeing for months at Neiman's that finally went on sale...$450 is a sale, right :shame: (Just kidding of treat for myself)
  3. I like Stuart Weitzman and Kenneth Cole WAY above others - won't buy shoes with logos - I find them tacky. Last week I saw a pair of shoes at Bloomies I just had to have (stacked heals with studs, so hot!) anyway they were $200.00 but the SA told me they would be on sale for 20% off in two weeks so I did the right thing - put them on my card for sale price and will pick them up when the sale hits - I can't wait - they were gorgeous!!!! I won't spend over $200.00 for shoes - they are great but not as important as bags.
  4. Favorite brands...Manolo Blahnik, Christian Louboutin and Lambertson Truex.

    Most I've spent...$800 (or was it $850?) on a pair of crystal detailed silver Manolo Blahnik slides. With a pair of black pants and a white blouse, I'm good for a cocktail party!

    Most favorite...right now would be Lambertson Truex Chelsea boots -- little kitten heeled, side-gored ankle boots. I have them in black, brown and an incredible brown/black/beige striped ponyskin.

    Craziest....either my bone colored Christian Lacroix with the GIANT Swarovski on the vamp and the bright orange heel or my Manolo Blahniks in lime and hot pink that look like spectator pumps but are actually high-heeled slides.
  5. I shop everywhere ....but i mostly by from nine west or aldos right now

    am a boot fanatic.........i all so luv BCBG , and micheal kor
  6. Issmom! I LOVE Lambertson Truex. I have one bag from them. Wishing for a couple more but I'm "budgeting" (probably not the best word to use in this forum) and I LOVE their shoes too! I've been reading the threads and maybe I missed one but I was like "hey, does anyone like Lambertson Truex out there!?" Glad to see there's another fan.

    As for me, I think boots are a bigger vice for me than bags. I am such a boot whore (hopefully, no one takes offense to that term). I just bought 3 on-line over the weekend. I saw a $800 pair of Brunomagli's on sale for $500 but I thought I'd go ahead and get 3 pairs for that much vs. 1 pair.

    My husband loves seeing me in boots and I love that he loves seeing me in boots. Keeps our young marriage interesting ;)
  7. 1) What are your favorite brands?

    Manolo Blahnik, Prada, Ferragamo, Jimmy Choo, and Tory Burch.

    2) The most you've spent?

    Around $500.

    3) What is your favorite pair?

    The pairs I get the most compliments on are my silver TB reva flats, my black quilted ballet flats from Saks, and my beloved Manolo silver Sedarbys.

    4) What is your craziest pair?

    Very vintage inspired pair of gold heels that my fiance loves. Got them from Barney's - I can't remember the brand name.
  8. 1) What are your favorite brands? Pura Lopez, Repetto, Nike/Adidas/Puma, Camper, CL
    2) The most you've spent? about 200$
    3) What is your favorite pair? my pistachio green Betty Boop style Pura Lopez peep toe
    4) What is your craziest pair ? a pair of strip teaser like platforms with 15 cm heel and plexi sole !
  9. 1) What are your favorite brands?
    Taryn Rose is my favorite.. So comfy. I also like Anyi Lu, Donald Pilner, and most Italian brands. I like comfort but like to look good.

    2) The most you've spent?

    3) What is your favorite pair?
    These are by Taryn Rose:

    4) What is your craziest pair?
    Mine are pretty tame... close to these but with a lower heel from Steven...

    I really like flats too. Since you like flats, check out Taryn Rose flats. They are some of the most comfortable flats out there. I like to get them at but other places like Nordstrom and NM carry the brand too.
  10. 1) prada, manolo, and london soles (comfy everyday flats)

    2) ~400ish for my prada d'orsay buckled pumps. only pair of shoes i ever paid full retail price for. i just fell in :heart: when i first saw at saks.

    3) manolo butterflo d'orsays in black patent

    4) hmmm...I have some hot pink suede pointy-toed pumps....that i've used once. lol.