Feb 20, 2016
East Coast
Hello. I’m trying to decide between the Legende in gold or Oasis in gold. I’m petite so I always like height but wondering even with the small heel is the Oasis a good everyday stylish choice ?


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Feb 10, 2007
I’m a huge fan of the legends. I find them casually chic or subtly sexy if dressed up a bit (and more so in Noir). I don’t own any Oasis but find them more on the day/casual side whereas I feel the legends could transition from dressy day to casual night out shoes more easily. Can’t go wrong with either though! Good luck deciding.
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May 18, 2019
I have both of them, love Oasis more because I walk constantly and Oasis heels are more comfortable for all day walk on my vacations. I wear them daily In summer. this Season Oasis have a few dressy look with sparkles , studs or mink. I have one with sparkle, one with mink and one in regular skin, one in sued. They are easy dress up or down. I love to bring them with me on my vacations.
Legend is cute the heels are higher than Oasis but the heels Base are smaller so I walk slower and for more dressy occasions ( church mass, Party, up to 2-3 hours events...But won’t use it on my vacation.)
(with the legend I love to wear toe ring at my second toe:love: )
good luck with your decision.
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