shoes you dare not wear

  1. what kinds of shoes you will not wear even if it is in fashion and refuse to wear at all i hate plastic shoes and boots thats fake leather:nuts::nuts::nuts:
  2. Clogs
  3. clogs
  4. definitely those horrid crocs.

    Fine on toddlers, on anybody else, they are truly awful ;)
  5. LOL check check check and check.
  6. :yes: ditto
  7. uggs
  8. everything on sonya's list
  9. Uggs.
  10. Clogs.
  11. Me, too, with the addition of uggs.

    Fashionable or not, I am also not a fan of satin shoes, and don't own anything with a box toe or chunky heel.
  12. Don't Like:

    Square toes
    Round toes
    Kitten Heels
    Chunky Heels
    ANY plastic shoe
  13. Don't like flip-flops!

    Love cute & sexy clogs (with a heel)
  14. Yes! No Uggs for me either!
  15. crocs
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