Shoes You Cannot Get Rid Of

  1. Definitely my nude patent VPs. I've only worn them twice in 3 years and for the time being, they just sit in their box in my closet. Every time I decide to sell them I pull them out of their box to look them over and then I stick them right back in the box and back in my closet. I just can't part with such a gorgeous and classic shoe despite the fact that they are the ones I wear the least of all my CLs! My gut says to hang onto them and from experience I know that I ALWAYS regret selling things I am initially hesitant to part with.
  2. most of my CLs honestly. i can't wear them for very long. my bf makes fun of me for buying so many but can only wear most of them for a short amount of time lol. i get so many blisters (even with blister block!).
  3. I'm pretty good with sticking with the styles that I love and wear. There were some styles that absolutely broke my heart when I parted with them.. Lady Page in Oxblood, Dorepi 120 in Gray Kid with Python Heel, Moonbow in Champagne Lace, because of the comfort level, fit, lifestyle incompatibility respectively.. just to name a few. I really pare down my collection to one that I can wear at any point in time and am pretty ruthless in culling those that don't fit properly, uncomfortable etc :p

    Although at the moment I think my black patent Asteroid 140 is pretty high up there in the ranking of toe-crunching-spine-tingling-feet-paralysing pain next to the Lady Page.. But the good news is that I got the Asteroid half a size bigger than TTS whereas I went TTS in Lady Page so I'm going to pad them to manage the pain! Wish me luck :smile:
  4. cts, that is a beautiful colour! From your outfit pics, I know that you can pull it off. I hope to see them soon in the outfits thread ;)

    I love the LPs and initially I have the same reservations as you about the pitch and not being able to maintain my balance (especially on my size 35 feet where the pitch is not proportional to the surface area). I think it's a matter of confronting your fear though - I've found that it's a psychological fear more than anything and I'd like to say that I'm a little bit better walking in my LPs than when I first got them! Hope you can conquer these shoes eventually, as the mandarin fairy tale LPs are out of this world! :faint:
  5. omg same here! and my bf gets so mad when a new package arrives!
  6. I can't seem to get rid of my spike Pigalle Flats. They have sentimental value because they were the first ever pair of Louboutin shoes I purchased. I love spikes and the quality of these shoes is amazing. Plus, they look awesome on. However, they are slightly big for me and my feet are weird because I have a hard time wearing flats, and having them stay on my foot when I walk. So I've only wore them a handful of times, mostly in cases where not a lot of walking is involved.
  7. Story of my life. But they are so pretty. :smile:
  8. for me they are the Blue Crocodile Rolandos.

    they were a present to me from my husband and they were my first pair too. i didn't know much about CLs then, and they really are not the most comfy pair and they are way too 'posh' for my style. plus, there is no way i would get close to what i paid for them new at the boutique :rolleyes:

    i have worn them out once, only inside the restaurant.

    but I do take them out, fondle them and try them on every once in a while...the pair that started it all :biggrin:
  9. i still remember your reveal of those beauties to this day chloe speaks! :girlsigh: i can see your pics clearly in my head... sigh.... i was so in love with them!
  10. the one shoe that sticks in my mind the most are my cranberry satin escandrias... the curved heel makes the pitch difficult for me to wear, but i can never ever see myself parting with these beauties... they are one of the most beautiful shoes i have ever seen, truly a work of art :girlsigh:
  11. oh carlinha - how are your blue croc altadamas doing :smooch:?
  12. Thank you so much! I really need this encouragement :hbeat:.
  13. oh my 299. i bought them because I was depressed one day lol. so idk if i can get rid of them

  14. I remember that pair. They are stunning
  15. Don't you dare sell them! They are so cool and I know you'd regret it. They're definitely not too young. I see women of all ages rocking hot colors right now.

    Luckily I don't feel bad about any of my CLs. My first pair, the Graffiti Ballerinettes, I had to buy a whole size up because my foot would not fit into the 9. So they stretched out some and I had the cobbler put an insole into them. I wouldn't give those up for the world even if my toes get a little clenchy when I wear them. The Monsieur himself signed them. As worn out as they were when we met (I'd only had the shoes for two months and already the heels were going!) he said they were the best compliment he'd been paid.