shoes with this dress

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  1. I just ordered this dress from Shopbop- $58.00!:wlae:
    Now I'm trying to decide what shoes would look good with it and I'm pretty sure none of mine do. I live in a little town in Florida and people do not dress up here. It's more of a beach minded community and most people wear jeans and a cute top when they go out. I love dresses but I dress them down with cute flip flops. Not rubber beach flip flops but dressier sparkly ones. So what do y'all think for this dress? Bronze maybe?
  2. a cute ballet flat in white, cream, beige, brown, or black even. Also, plain flip flops, or strappy sandals.
  3. I think bronze flip flops or slides with a kitten or not-so-high heel would be adorable with it! For dressier times, I think a brown patent sandal with a heel would be really cute!
  4. I think bronze shoes would look gorgeous! Or a fun, bright yellow pump!
  5. Thanks for the ideas. I don't do heels because I'm 5'11'' and taller than my husband.:p
  6. 1733-299082-p.jpg
  7. I'm so glad no one said pumps. I hate the pumps pictured with the dress. I think the Zanotti thong you picked would look great in summer. What about espadrilles? I also think you could wear it w/brown ankle booties and a long cashmere cardigan during colder spring days.
  8. Hehehe... I did! :p :sweatdrop: I agree, don't like that color though.. too dark.

    Those flip-flops are nice! Since it's a summery dress, it could work!
  9. For an edgier look, perhaps try some gladiator sandals?
  10. I think the GZs are hot! That's sooo something I would do - $500 shoes to match a $60 dress!
  11. I know I love them! I'll probably end up with something more in the Pelle Moda price range though- I don't take very good care of my shoes.:shame:
  12. White or petrol blue shoes? I think bronze is too along the yellow-family....