Shoes With Navy Suit

  1. Hi guys. I've been told that when wearing navy, you need to wear navy shoes. Is this correct? I just bought a navy suit and can't remember if that's the "rule" or not. Thanks!
  2. No it is not a rule especially since navy can have different shades. I usually wear dark brown or something metallic and then match my bag to that. I usually wear my navy shoes with camel or khaki.
  3. No true...most people consider navy a neutral color, so you could wear it with any color shoe you like.
  4. I would wear navy with brown, nude, white, or with metallics.
  5. it depends on the shade of the blue suit but i love mixing some navy blues with black. as long as you're not wearing the navy suit with a brown bag and black shoes that is.
    i have a navy dress and i wear it with red patent shoes and a black patent purse.
  6. I have a navy suit and I've worn it with red shoes before (patent and just regular leather red)...I get so many compliments when I wear it that way!
    You can really wear it with just about any color.....
  7. ^^I was just going to put red...Surprise people and wear red shoes, and accessories! It looks great. Also caramel colored brown.
  8. I love red shoes with navy.
  9. I had this problem also I just couldn't figure out what color to wear with navy but my favs are red or silver. Hope this helps.
  10. Brown or black. :biggrin:
  11. I like to wear navy shoes with a navy outfit. I think it looks more put together.