Shoes with Blue Soles

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  1. The other night on the Housewives of Orange County a couple of the women were wearing gorgeous high heels and the soles were blue. Who makes these?:confused1:
  2. errr? were they pale blue? Christian Louboutins bridal range has pale blue soles. other than that, I can't think off the top of my head.
  3. I know that they went to Jimmy Choo to go shopping in one episode and bought shoes so maybe Choos though I have never seen a pair w/blue soles lol. I have heard of brides to be special ordering blue soled Christian Louboutins but it is only done for VIP customers according to what I have read.
  4. They were sort of a medium-colored blue, but I wouldn't really call it pale blue. Jeana had them on and so did Vicki and Jo. At least I think both of them did, but maybe it was just one of them.

    They were different styles, but they were gorgeous and super-high-heeled!
  5. They could just be from a local boutique.
  6. I think I remember reading somewhere that Louboutin does special orders of their shoes with blue soles. I read a LOT of magazines of work, and it was probably one of those magazines...don't know if it's actually true though!
  7. I know what you are talking about- I just saw some of the Real Housewives Reunion show- on the show the women are all lined up in chairs sitting on a stage that is lit up with a bright sky blue light- the light reflects on the bottom soles of the ladies' shoes and they appear to be blue soled. Just a reflection LOL!
  8. Oh, that answer's that, then. Thanks! I thought their shoes were something new and trendy.:confused1:
  9. Speaking of unique colored soles, has anyone figured out a way to keep the color on the sole?? Or is it gone for good once you walk out the door?
  10. Someone started a thread about keeping the red on Christian Louboutin shoes not too long ago in this section.:yes:
  11. Thank you!
  12. Stella Blu makes shoes with Blue soles. Zappos and DSW sells them online.
  13. There are several threads about this in the CL forum.
  14. You could also have your local shoe person paint the bottom of shoes blue--that would be what they did to all match!