Shoes. Where to start?

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  1. #1 Feb 6, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2010
    I am trying very hard to revamp my shoe collection to be more mature. I am almost 30 and want very much to start getting some nice adult shoes! Sick of all my kid-ish flats. Below is a bit of my shoe collection to show you where I am at now.

    Can you guys suggest some good pieces to start with? under 150 mark preferably, heels not too high, and nothing very flashy.

    But I am determined to focus solely (no pun intended) on creating a respectable shoe-wardrobe this year. last year was the year of the purse, this year, the year of the shoe.

    I hope these pictures give you an idea of my comfort zone. though i need to drastically alter it!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. here is an example of some of the flats i currently am working with.

    naughty monkey bonk her flats

    catherine replay patent leather flats
  3. kenenth cole NY pleated dreams green flip flops (for the summer)

    red and clear nine west flats for the summer as well, no idea what style)

    again, no idea style name but green replay flats for summer
  4. old navy flats shown in pink, but mine are blue
  5. my boots

    roberto vianni brown suede boots

    dollhouse black zip boots

    dollhouse brown fringe boots
  6. mcgraw open toe wedges by kors by mickael kors

  7. those are more or less my day to day shoes i wear over and over. For dress up I have a few pair of very pretty ralph lauren heels both in sliver, and black, and then i have around 7 pairs of nine west pumps that all are kinda old ladyish i now think. here is an example of them

    the middle ones i dont have. the ones on either side i do have

    these are grey tweed fabric and black

  8. bluejinx......... I have these in Camel Suede, and they are great with pants.....:heart:
  9. Looks to me like you need some basic, simple pumps. A trip to Macy's or Nordstroms will show you some good options. Looks like you choose your shoes based on comfort (the wide, square toe for your "pumps" for example). I would suggest you but something with a moderate heel (2 - 3" tops), round toed. Nine west does make shoes like that, but so do a ton of other designers.

    What kind of clothes do you wear? That also impacts the choice footwear. From your Nine West collection, I would hazard a guess that you wear a lot of pants.

    To start with, I would suggest a black pair and a brown pair of pumps. Then you might want to try a nude/camel.

  10. Actually I dont own a pair of pants. I wear a lot of ankle length wool skirts (usually a-line) in solid blacks tweeds or greys, and I wear a LOT of a line skirts just an inch or two below the knee in silks, satins and cottons. The knee length ones are usually a fun print or have embelishemnt and in the summer they get flats in the winter they get tights and knee high boots. The pumps used to be my go to shoe in high school (wore only ankle length black and grey wool skirts back then) and then again around 20 I worked in a place where the uniform was akinn to a flight atendent. Navy button up suit straight skirt, gold buttons. it was horrid.
  11. So I guess you have to ask yourself what your personal style is. If your style includes the kind of NW shoes you indicate above, then you can certainly find very conservative, low heel with thick base style pumps.

    I personally think with your clothes, you could wear a stylish and moderately priced pump. Since you have a lot of blacks and greys, try a navy pump and a black pump, or if you want something to "pop", you could also get a nice maroon. Patent leather creates an instant feel of dressiness, and also attracts the eye. So a patent maroon would be awesome.

    If you feel you have outgrown your existing NW collection, then I suggest donating them and starting from scratch. I associate those types of shoes with a lot of walking, or to wear with pants. If you are almost 30, high school was a long time ago. =)

    If you look on Zappos, you can probably find hundreds of options for well-priced moderate heels.
  12. I guess i just dont trust myself. I tried a month ago to buy new shoes and I bought two pairs, shown below. The first is a silver Ralph Lauren heel and the second is a pair of black heels with baby blue stitching and a bow. Now they are both REALLY comfortable, and i can actually walk in both, but the more i look at them, the more i wonder if they are also just too childish for me? Why is it that no matter how hard I try, I keep ending up with a shoe that would be cute on a six year old?

    Maybe its that they have round toes? I just dont know. But I have been wearing them both quite a bit since purchase. I just have no fashion sense what so ever when it comes to shoes. And the sad thing is i LOVE shoes.

  13. Oh I also have a pair of Classic Chanel Flats Black w/Black Patent Toe. these are fantastic and were worth every cent :tup: although I do remember using a GC also ;)

    just trying to give you a few ideas! hope this helps!