Shoes to wear with designer jeans?

  1. This may seem like a stupid question for some of you but I do need some help. I just bought my first pair of designer jeans, and may go get another this weekend. I don't really want to wear shoes with a really high heel because that is not that practical for my lifestyle (I have small children). But I also know you are not supposed to wear flats either. The jeans I got are bootcut. Please help me by posting pictures or websites of shoes you would suggest I wear. I really need some fashion advice from you experts. What shape toe looks best with jeans? See.. I am clueless... HELP!:shrugs:
  2. I normally wear flats or sneakers with my designer jeans, and I think it looks fine! I rarely wear heels even though I'm only around five feet tall.
  3. What about a mid-heel with a pointy toe?
  4. I agree, pointy toe looks really good with bootcut jeans as it elongates your leg. That was the advice I always saw in magazines and TV shows (cf Oprah)
  5. i wear flats or heels neither are no no's
  6. The same shoes as non-designer jeans....

    If you want to dress it up a bit and don't want a high heel, then go with lower pointy toes.
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  8. According to last week's Oprah, a pointy shoe with medium to high heels to make you look slimmer...
  9. Thanks ladies this is very helpful!
  10. i wear flats.....

    or flip flops...
  11. What's wrong with flats? I think most designer jeans go well with trendy running shoes (the not-for-running running shoes by Camper, Adidas, Puma, etc.). If you can find something sleek and clean, that should do you good.

    I'd also recommend thigh-high boots, especially if you've got a pair of the punky black-toned jeans that seem to be popular this season.

    P.S. They'll be looking at your butt, not your feet. ;)
  12. I wear ballet flats and pointy toe pumps with mine, depending on the length of the jean. I hem some of them shorter for the ballet flat/sneakers and saved a few for the 3+ inch heels for a more dressy feel.
  13. I am glad to hear a lot of you wear flats. I had a SA tell me that flats don't look right with boot cut designer jeans. I should have know better than to listen to to her.
  14. IMO, bootcut jeans are begging to be worn with some sort of heels, whether they be pointy-toe pumps or platforms or wedges or ankle boots. Bootcut jeans can make your legs look a mile longer when worn with heels (provided the hem nearly reaches the ground.

    As much as I loooove ballet flats, flats should be saved for skinny jeans or skirts, IMO. They just don't look sharp with bootcut jeans. I think it is a fashion crime to let the hem drag on the ground (especially when the jeans cost $200).
  15. pointy toe flats or a really nice elegant sandals
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