Shoes to wear with a Juicy tracksuit?

  1. I pretty much have running shoes and flip flops. If you have exact brands/styles, that would be even better. :confused1:
  2. how much are u wanting to spend??
  3. i love to wear my juicy track suits with a cute wedge.
  4. Mystic {I think, will check to make sure} makes some really cute wedge clogs, those or Pumas look really cute IMO.
  5. I think a pair of funky sneakers are the best option. Like ^ those Pumas.
  6. I personally like simple decorative sandals with the tracksuit, like the following...

    (pictures courtesy of Bergdorf Goodman)
    BGX01CX_mn.jpg BGX01N5_mn.jpg
  7. I, too, was wondering what shoes to wear with a juicy tracksuit. All the celebs wear (or used to wear, if they don't now) Uggs with them but you can't wear Uggs all the not in the 99 degree sumhat mer heat, so I was wondering what to wear with these tracksuits too.
  8. I have some black Prada sport sandals I wear with them or some Cole Haan slip-ons. I would think ballet flats would do well too but I can't ever find any in my size I like.
  9. I only like the Juicy pants that are the cargo style because their pant leg has kind of a flare to them, and they look great with lots of shoes. I really like how ballet flats look with them, like Chanel Cambon flats, or the sandals posted above:yes:
  10. i wear my juicy pants with flip flop or pumas or my Nike shox
  11. Coach sneakers, wedges, Havaianas, Pumas, pretty much everything but shoes with high heels?
  12. I have Juicy track suits in lots of color, and I mostly wear them with Havaianas flipflops or Uggs (when it's cooler out).
  13. I wear wedges most of the time.
    I am really short (5') and don't usually wear sneakers (unless I am at the gym.)
    Most of the time I wear these.
    [​IMG] Mui Mui (I think they are from 2002, Still beautiful. IMO)

    Or uggs, but you can't really wear uggs all the time.
  14. w/ terry suits:
    -casual wedges
    -havs (though i'm not a fan of this unless i'm just around the house)
    -converse sneakers (i don't wear the super bright suits, but i have navy, off-white, and black all-stars, all of which look good with my suits)

    w/ velour suits (which are nicer in dark colors, imho):
    -lanvin flats
    -j.crew marsala flats
    -converse sneakers
    -uggs (especially if you're doing a transatlantic flight, because they're super comfy for walking and feel good when you take them off and rest your feet on them...gross, i know, but sometimes called for).