shoes to match your fendi spy and b-bag

  1. i wasn't aware that fendi had shoes to coordinate with each of their it-bags......not a huge fan of fendi shoes but i am liking the slide a little :shame:...and the bone and black heel is hot :love:



  2. The Spy shoe is pretty. Styeldrops has one in dark brown as well, but I'm afraid it may be a bit too matchy matchy.

    I've just ordered a custom order for a white baby spy and MJ shoes from 2 PF members... so here is my Spy bag/shoe combo for the summer!!! (Thanks to all the sweet PF members on the shoe forum who helped me decide)
    1.jpg 2.jpg
  3. lyn that's gonna be really pretty :love:
  4. Wow!!! the shoes are fabulous!!!
  5. i love flats and there are thongs for both the styles:
  6. That black patent B-slide is heavenly. I wish I could justify the 400 for that one. Gorgeous!
  7. Yes, Fendi does coordinate bags and shoes together. I have a Spy bag that matches my shoes. But, I don't have the pic now. I need to take one. I have this picture though. The Magic bag and the shoes match.


    I have a lot more Fendi bags and shoes. But, I only posted this because someone wanted to see a mini Spy bag that day. I used to collect the Baguette's ever since I was 13. I'm 18 now. I started collecting them in 2000. I have more than 25 or 30 now. But, I barely use them. The last one I used them was probably 3 years ago. It's a pity though. I love them! My favorite one is in gold and the buckle is in Swarovski crystals.
  8. yasmin i loooooove fendi baguettes.......and i love the tortoisey-leather bag you have with the matching shoes.....i'd been eyeing that bag in the monogram fabric it's sooo cute and so comfortable to carry :P

  9. This is so ME...but I am not going to pay ~$400 for it. Maybe $200 :biggrin:
  10. OMG! I love those Fendi shoes! So cute, and they look comfy too!

  11. these flats are to die for:love:
  12. I like the first and last pair...very cute.
  13. the FENDI B patent shoes are to die for!!!
  14. The last two pairs are just goooooorgeous!:love:

    Nice collection Yasmin!:biggrin:
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