Shoes to Go with Juicy Sweats?

  1. What kind of shoes do you wear with your Juicy sweats?
  2. wrong section! you want to be in the clothing/shoes threads! ask a mod to move it maybe
  3. Wrong section, but I wear mine with Pumas or flip flops.
  4. flip flops or in the winter ugg boots or puma, or diesel trainers. The other day I wore ugg clogs.
  5. so sry clicked the wrong section!!! But thanks for ur responses anyway! I'll get this moved ASAP!
  6. I wear Chanel Cambon pool slides with mine.
  7. pumas h street or adidas shell toe
  8. flip flops haha

    during the winter i wear sneakers or uggs
  9. flip flops / uggs / ballet flats...
  10. Flip flops, my superga sneakers, or merrell sandals. just super, super comfy as I don't wear mine out of the house other than going to the grocery store or gym.
  11. flip-flops most of the time, otherwise converse all star!!
  12. puma mostros, flip flops, uggs, ballet flats
  13. flip flops, diesel sneakers, uggs
  14. birkenstock sandals or prada sneakers
  15. Converse all star high tops or any ballet flats.