Shoes to get next...

  1. I have officially been bitten by the high end designer shoe (and handbag) bug. I have already gotten a few quality "basic" pairs and am now adding to my list for what I want/need next.

    Some of the true basics that are covered...Christian Louboutin blk New Hai pump, Jimmy Choo nude Lilac pump, Tod's tan driving mocs and a pair of red Jimmy Choo Lunas have been ordered (thank you Neiman Marcus). I also have quite a few mid range brands - Kate Spade, Charles David, Sam Edelmann, Stuart Weitzman, Frye, Cole Haan, etc.

    So, the question terms of higher end designers and styles, what should I consider next? What have you found that has been some of the best additions to you collection? If you have photos, please share!
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  3. I've just bought a ton of shoes lately and they've consisted of Chanel, CLs, and then a random pair of Marc Jacobs & Prada! What are you looking for?!
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  5. Leather and wood Chloe sandals to elevate your linen basics in the summer or ground too girly skirt, Hermes, off course (some kick a$$ pump). I find Prada to be a great workhorse shoe. Probably a Brian Atwood... A spectator shoe (mine are Chloe, the photo is from the listing).
    Do not forget Balenciaga (I can’t find a picture of my pair). If you are into fun, crazy even design try to get a hold of Angeli Inquieti. Some Gucci classics for your menswear inspired ensembles. Bottega Veneta – I recommend their loafers.
    My greatest fall is for Caligarius (three pairs in one year). Another brand to keep an eye on is Pour La Victoire. Modern Vintage has some great eye catching things.
    What kind of a shoe closet are you building? I mean a show off or wear it off?
    HeelsChloeSpectator.jpg HeelsPOUR LA VICTOIRE Lilly Blue.jpg
  6. I vote for Marc Jacobs, Lanvin and MiuMiu. (ether heels or flats)

    I have their flats and those are one of the most popular pairs in my wardrobe :smile:
  7. I see that you have a red Jimmy Choo Luna peep-toe pumps on your list...If you don't have a black peep-toe pumps yet, I highly personally recommend Miss Dior peep toe pumps in black patent leather! It's TDF and I LOVE IT!! It also comes in Dark Blue, Hydrangea, Coral, Pale Pink, Beige (check out the Christian Dior website). Here are some of my pics, Good luck deciding on your end :smile:


  8. Love all the ones shown so far! They are beautiful!!

    As for what I am looking for, I am really open to anything. The down fall is that I don't live anywhere near good designer shopping so until I can get to a larger city, all I can do is look online. So, to have opinions of people who actually own and use these gems is HUGE. Plus, it give me a better idea on what to look for once I am able to go shopping (unless I know how a brand fits, I prefer to try things on before I buy them).

    But a few of the main things that are prioritized higher than the rest...a pair of great flats, a pair of dressier blk heels (though not something too open like a sandal), a pair of nude sandals or sleeker, more open shoe (not a regular pump) and a pair of rain boots.

    My style is normally pretty classic with some funkier pieces mixed in - top 4 favorite designers are DVF, Helmut Lang, Vince and James Perse.
  9. Hi...
    Chanel ballet flats are great. It is my go to flat. The beige with black cap toe is a classic but each season they come in seasonal colors which if you like, you should grab. My most recent pair is the cream with yellow cap from this spring season (there is a matching yellow bag).

    Roger Vivier Chips sandal are great for summer. The beige nude pair goes with everything I own and especially with the bright colors this season.

    I also love the Chanel camelia jelly sandal. Very casual and chic. An old style but still a classic.

    For another pump, I love the Chanel classic ballet pump. It comes in different color combos. The pair I t this season is the off white with black patent. It really pops with color outfits.

    My favorite brand is Chanel. A classic and seems to make every outfit nicer.

    Some pics below in case you have not seen these in real life.



  10. The Chanel ones are gorgeous!! And I was able to try on the cap toe flats this weekend...they are great!

    It was sad though...found a pair of Jimmy Choo Private Nude Patent sandals mismarked on clearance at a Nordstrom in IL (guess they were an online return and mismarked to 1/3 of regular price), they would have come home with me. It hurt to have to leave them there...
  11. I went looking to try this on somewhere this weekend (happened to be visiting friends in IL) but none of the stores had them (the Neiman Marcus I went to had one but not in my size). They are beautiful!! How do they run size wise? I find I am pretty consistently a 39.5.
  12. Personally, I think they run the same as Jimmy Choo Luna pumps, except I dunno why but it feels a lil tighter on the toes on the Luna pumps when trying to break in the shoes, compared to the Miss Dior. I also noticed when I broke into both shoes, Miss Dior did not give me any blisters, compared to the Jimmy Choos....If you can, try stopping by the Dior boutique for more selections...sometimes dept stores like Nordstroms, Bloomingdales, NM, etc. have limited items available...
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    Love shoes as well!
    for work pump: love Mary Jane styles any brand , CL prives , ysl tribtoo
    Pointy pumps ( for going out) as too squished toes at work don't work for me: Isabel marant poppy, ysl opium , balmain plain black pump
    High heeled sandals , cage sandals : alaia, , ysl, celine
    Boots: alaia , ysl, marant dickers
    Statement: kirkwoods , olympias,
    Casual, long walks: LANvin flats , marant sneakers
    Wedges : chloe , givenchy
    Beach: favorite: Jimmy choo jelly sandals
  14. Valentino!
  15. Omg these r so sexy!!! Yum eye candy tho i doubt australia would ever gt them haha so good for my wallet