Shoes that you will not rest until you find :D

  1. Has anybody else got a pair of shoes that they never managed to find when they first came out, or that were already sold out. and they are still bummed about it! ?

    For me, my collection will never be complete until I find the Balenciaga Gladiator sandals from the s/s 05 season.

    Does anybody else have a shoe that they are absolutely desperate for, perhaps we could make somebodys year :smile:
  2. i came across both of these pairs in my size spring/summer 04 but i just graduated college and couldnt afford them. now that i can marginally afford them, i can't find them anymore :sad2:

    manolo campari mary janes in black
    manolo sedaraby d'orsay in light pink

    both in 35.5 if anyone happens to come across them on ebay!
  3. ah, I have the nude d'orsays they are gorgeous (the piccie is in post your shoes thread!)... I will be sure to let you know if I ever see either pair on ebay in your size :smile:
  4. I still dream about a pair of Gucci silver tinsel edged with square sequin pumps. Don't know the collection, maybe f/w 2001?

    And the Fendi shoes with the large gear-type silver cut outs, maybe from f/w 2003?

    The Louboutin Pigalles from last season.

    This year I want the Lanvin cone heels in black.
  5. A pair of Chanel pointe shoe inspired heels. basically ballet shoes with heels...with the ribbons that wrap around your leg. I saw them years ago...and I'm still in love with them.
  6. The Louboutin Marcia kitten heels... If only I had known his magic then...
  7. I would love the cone heels too. I wonder how hard they would be to wear :love:
  8. An original pair of Marc Jacobs Collection Mouse Flats in black. I keep looking for them on eBay, but so far, no luck in terms of my size. I totally missed the boat on those flats.
  9. These prada shoes. I don't even remember what season they are from, I just know that I have wanted them since I saw them. I hope this picture isn't too big. I cut and pasted it. (from ebay-they're not even close to my size)

  10. ohh! i saw these the other day...i saw them in patent leather though; do they come in regular leather?
  11. I love those Pigalles too, but I can't ever buy them! The reason is that every time I see those shoes I think of the Pigalle area of Paris... that is where the s*x stores are and where some of the 'working' girls hang out.... US Soldiers who were in Paris after WW2 called that area "pig alley" (because it's pronounced Pee-gall) :P :P :P
  12. I could have sworn I saw these in the Marketplace .....
  13. I would like to find the marc jacob mouse flats (the ones with the face). I cannot resist anything that is cute or unique, plus I am the year of the mouse/rat, and I work with animals (mainly mice and rats)! haha! Ironic.
  14. I have these shoes! My sister loves, loves them. I won't give them to her though. :P

    I have the black version with the gray plastic heel too.

    They are from spring 98.

    Good luck!

  15. They are surprisingly sturdy. I tried on a pair of green and a pair of brown t straps at Barneys.