Shoes that were bought during the crazy holiday sales

  1. here are 9 pairs i bought from Saks...all at 70% off. i may not be keeping the le silla shoes since they don't fit well (and i've never worn this designer before), and the ysl pumps were just not me when they arrived. still debating about the jimmy choo flat boots...not sure how well rabbit hair will survive my feet going in and out of them all winter...but the rest, i love. and the price can't be beat.

    pics are in the following order:

    Le Silla
    Fuji 045.jpg Fuji 046.jpg Fuji 048.jpg Fuji 049.jpg Fuji 050.jpg
  2. Le Silla
    Jimmy Choo
    Jimmy Choo
    Alexandra Neel
    Fuji 051.jpg Fuji 052.jpg Fuji 053.jpg Fuji 055.jpg
  3. Nice! You did very well. Were you there at 8:00 am when the store opened, was it a madhouse? You got some great deals.
  4. The YSLs are gorgeous.
  5. I bought the Stuart Weitzmans I have been craving:
    Weitzman.jpg My New Shoes.jpg
  6. Yeah - the YSL is TDF! Congrats :smile:
  7. I got those same Gucci pumps at Saks! I have been eyeing them for a couple of months and my patience paide off. I also picked up a pair of red suede Moschino flats at the sale. The Saks I went to that morning (in FL) was a bit picked over already and the boot selection was dismal. I love those La Silla knee-high boots - how do they run?
  8. thanks guys...unfortunately, i'm definitely returning the ysl pumps (to the saks nyc store), where i' sure some lucky gal will snatch them right up.

    kamilla - i got to saks around 8:15am, and yes, it was a madhouse.

    amyshopsatl - arent the gucci pumps comfy? they're a great color too. the le silla boots are very comfortable (squarish toe) and fits flatteringly against the calf, but i'm not keeping them. can't keep everything i want!
  9. I absolutely love those gucci!
  10. Wow, LOVE the tall Le Silla boots and the CLs!
  11. LOVE the Jimmy Choo boots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. WOW! All great! I love the ysl and I have the CL's - you are going to love them, they are so comfortable! Great sale, good for you!!! LOVE the Jimmy Choo boots, so pretty! :okay:
  13. LOVE the tall le silla boots!! are those the ones you are returning to saks in ny? what size?
  14. Those YSLs are stunning! :love: Great buys, all of them!
  15. I bought a pair of Fendi black patent pumps :love: on sale at Saks and a pair of knee-high weatherproof boots at Nordies (not on sale :push: but I needed boots to wear in the rain).
    MP RAOK 049.jpg MP RAOK 051.jpg MP RAOK 052.jpg MP RAOK 056.jpg MP RAOK 053.jpg