Shoes that don't fit :(

  1. I bought some adorable flats off ebay and they are about a 1/2 size too big :sad2: Is there anything I can do to make them fit? Probably not but I figured I'd ask. I was thinking about maybe an insert? :nuts: But then I was wondering if even though I could get the flats to feet if they'd look too big for my foot anyway :cry:
  2. supposedly insoles are supposed to help with shoes that are a little too big....i'm sorry they don't fit tho :sad2:
  3. yup, i'd shove something in them :smile:
  4. Obviously it would be in the front I'd try to place something right, near the toe area? I don't think it's going to work out as I feel like I have boats on lol. OH well...
  5. Yea, I often shove some tissue in front. Then in the back, they have these sticker thingys that you stick to the back where your heel hits the shoe, so it pads it from getting blisters. That should take up the 1/2 size....

    I love shoes so I will buy anything size if they don't have mine.

    I am a size 7.5, I have a pair of heels that are size 9 because I loved them so much! They make my feet look a little big but I don't care because I think people notice how beautiful they are first...

    :smile: Good luck!
  6. you could try inserts and heel grips...
  7. Try gel insoles, like the kinds from Dr. Scholls. They'll take up a lot of room and keep your feet comfy. That works well with flats. It's harder with heels b/c your foot slides forward, but still a good way to go.
  8. I agree. I have done this before and it works :biggrin:
  9. iliabags what sticker thingy do you use to protect the bag of your feet from blisters?......i don't wear shoes with backs if possible because they kill my feet and the back of my left foot always gets horribly blistered (never my right foot for some reason...strange) :wondering
  10. Also see if you can get heel grips. They just might cover about half a size.
  11. I have used a "half-pad" under a "full pad" and that usually takes up 1/2 size. Go to any Nordstroms or department store and they will give you them to try for free.
  12. Wow Jag thanks! I actually have to head there tomorrow so I'll ask them for some :smile: Can I bring my flats there, will they give them to me without them? I didn't buy them at Nordies though...
  13. Good luck with it! I tried to stuff a pair to see if I could actually pull it off and so I'd buy it but I ended up tripping on it. Needless to say, I didn't get it.
  14. I saw Foot Petals in a dance magazine, I've been wanting to try them in a pair of my dance shoes that got really stretched out (I did get new ones, but I'm very attatched to these), thanks for the link!