Shoes so nice I bought them twice!

  1. Okay well maybe I didn't buy both pairs.. my bf bought the second after his dog chewed up the first. Thoughts? They make my feet look really good.. and that is HARD to do! :p
  2. Those are really cute!!
  3. I loved the title of your post!! Made me LOL!

    I love your shoes - I have Fendi peep toe espadrilles I bought for the summer and I can't wait to wear them!

    I actually had to buy a pair of shoes twice also. My girlfriend's dog chewed my D&G leopard clogs.
  4. Love the piping in a contrast color... Enjoy them!
  5. Very nice! Sturdy brand, too, at a good price. Nice buy! (Twice!)

    Your boyfriend sounds thoughtful. It was nice to replace the shoes.
  6. I LOVE those!!!!
  7. oh Wow! those are super cute!
  8. Very Cute! Bring on Spring/Summer:yahoo:
  9. I love those!
  10. Those are so nice!
  11. Very cute :smile:
  12. Thanks all! :smile:

    Fortunately it is just about summer here so I won't have to wait to wear them (err... okay I'll have to wait until FedEx delivers.. lol). Bring on the 100 degree weather, that's what I say!
  13. Those are really cute! I'd have had to replace them, too!
  14. They're very cute. I always love Jcrew shoes.
  15. Very cute!