Shoes & Purses from Saks

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  1. ^^^Are these sale items? Any ideas on prices?
  2. These are S/S 2010 not sale. I recognize some of the stock plus it says new spring in the bottom left corner.
  3. which chanel bag is the 197?
  4. Is this at Lenox Square? 770 AC
  5. I don't get the point of this thread. These aren't sale items, and the above mentioned rep can't get us any special deals, so...? I could go into my local Sak's right now and buy the same things from my SA at full price... :confused1:
  6. ^Its a great visual for many PFers that DONT have a SAKS store close to them...or have busy lives!!!(Please dont be was quite sweet for them to take time out and post these!)
  7. Sorry, wasn't trying to be harsh, it was a honest question because i was confused. :smile:
  8. ^no worries!